Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Year in Review: My Top Posts, My Top 5 Favorite Home Fitness Equipment, A New Year's Eve Killer Workout

These were my top posts from 2014 in case you missed them. :) My interview with Freddy, Lisa's new boobs, Reviewing Rumi's workouts, My interviews with former BR Hosts - Lish and Haley, and the Zuzka/WIN break up.







It's funny how much more I like Lisa now than I did before. She has really grown on me.

My Top 5 pieces of Fitness Equipment to have at home (not in any order) :

1. Kettlebells - one of the most versatile tools you can use to get into shape. They work strength, cardio and flexibility all in one workout, not to mention they do not take up much space. They also make your body a fat burning machine. You burn more calories per minute with the Kettlbell snatch than almost any other exercise.
2. Jump Rope - can take it anywhere, very little cost, lasts forever, burns a ton of calories, aids in balance and coordination and power in the heart, lungs and legs!
3. A Step - I LOVE mine - for plyometrics, for triceps dips, elevated push-ups, box squats, deficit lunges, as a bench, for assisted pistols, bulgarian split squats,etc, etc, etc!
4. Resistance Bands - It can be expensive to have a lot of hand weights, and they can take up a lot of space. This is where resistance bands can be great- super inexpensive, takes up little space and offers a variety of resistance from 5 to over a 100 lbs.
5. Pull up Bar - I highly recommend one to practice your pull-ups - even assisted ones, jumping ones, negative ones, or even for a variety of ab exercises such as hanging leg raises, knees to elbows and L-sits. Again super inexpensive and takes up little space.

New Year's Eve Workout Routine:

So for the year 2015 - 20 exercises, 15 reps each. Perform 1-3 rounds depending on your fitness level, the amount of time you have an how much weight you use.

1. Competition Burpees
2. Reverse Flies
3. Goblet Squats
4. Uneven Push-ups (Total)
5. Inverted Rows
6. (Weighted) Reverse Lunges (15 each leg)
7. Ab Splitters
8. Side to Side Plank (15 each side)
9. Single Arm Rows (15 each side)
10. Kettlebell Swings
11. Overhead Presses
12. (Weighted) Hip Thrusters
13. Bicep Curls
14. Triceps Push-ups
15. (Weighted) Lateral Lunges (15 each leg)
16. Mountain Climbers (15 each leg)
17. (Weighted) Single Leg Deadlifts (15 each leg)
18. Bicycles (15 each side)
19. Ab Scissors (15 each leg)
20. Single Leg Bridging (15 each leg)

Thank you for a great year - for reading my blog, for your comments and support! :)


  1. Hope you'll have an awesome New Year! Thanks for being inspirering and awesome! Looking forward to the workout :)

  2. All the best to u and ur family xxx keep up the awesome work xxx