Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Haley from XNRGFit and Former BR Host Does an Interview for This Blog!

A big huge thanks to Haley for taking the time to answer my questions for you to all read. A very interesting interview indeed! 
She's got some great stuff coming our way, so be sure to check her out:

1. How was it that you came to be a BR Host? 

I had emailed Freddy some professional fitness photos, he then asked me to make my own workout video to put on Youtube. Right away I had a friend of mine come over whose a talented videographer. She shot the Ab routine I created, edited it with upbeat music and loaded it onto Youtube for me. Freddy was really impressed by it and wanted me to fly to Kingston Ontario to be in bodyrocktv videos. He said that if their following liked me I would become an official host. 
2. How was it when you first saw yourself on screen working out as a BR Host? 

 When I first saw myself I was embarrassed to be honest. I had no experience in front of a video camera so I was really nervous. It didn't help that I was thrown into it so fast, I really didn't have much time to practise the workout or prepare myself to talk. When I heard my shakey voice I couldn't help but laugh and make fun of myself. Once I was done feeling silly, I started to feel excited and thought it was really cool. The following also seemed to find my nerves endearing which helped and made me more comfortable!

3. How was it working for Freddy? 

It wasn't what I expected. I went to Kingston thinking that I was strictly going there to shoot videos. Freddy usually wanted to hangout, go for coffees or dinner and get to know me. Many times he told me that I was too closed off, I guess he wasn't used to someone who wasn't an open book. It takes me a while to open up until I trust someone. For a while I just wanted to keep it more of a professional association. Freddy's goal was to figure me out and eventually I befriended him because he made me feel that I could trust him. He paid for flights, meals and hotels which I expected since I was working for him, but I still felt very grateful.

4. I remember you doing a workout with Sean. What was he like? 

It wasn't flowers and rainbows. 
Sean and I just didn't click right from the beginning and I'm not used to that. Not to 'toot my own horn' but I'm always very kind to people so usually they like me. He was very cold, he didn't seem to have patience when it came to giving me time learn a routine. When the  camera would turn on he would be funny, nice, and positive but as soon as the camera was off he was just cold towards me. It didn't bother me much at the time because I figured that he just takes a while to warm up to people. I felt like deep down there was a kinder person in there, which is why I overlooked all of it until he through a fit one day. I made a friendly suggestion to change one of the exercises, since we had used it already in the recent video and he essentially lost it and called the video off. I didn't even know how to respond.. I was so caught off guard by it that a gabbed my bag and walked across town to get back to my hotel. Sean and I never shot a video together again. This will probably shock people since everyone thought we had awesome chemistry. Freddy was very apologetic about what happened and said I could start doing videos by myself. I genuinely wanted to be a team and I wanted so badly to prove myself and gain some kind of respect from Sean. At the end of the day he was more interested in bringing his love interests on as hosts instead. I felt that was really confusing for the following and a conflict of interest.

5. How was it working with Lisa?

 I didn't work with Lisa, I've never even met her actually. When I signed on with BRTV she was on a summer vacation in Spain. I was given the impression that she didn't seem to tickled about me being a host. I was told that she was worried that people would forget about her while she was away. I wanted to be a team, I had no intentions of taking anyone's spotlight. I felt she had nothing to worry about since tons of people love her anyway. Freddy's attitude towards me changed a lot when she came back home though. He wanted to fly me there as much as I could to shoot before, but as soon as she was back he kept putting myself and my videos off. We started discussing options for me to shoot videos here in Edmonton instead.

6. What have you been doing since you left BR? Did you leave for a specific reason?

 While I was with bodyrocktv I had been a hair stylist at the same time. Since I left I've continued styling, started personal training, and been working to build my own company. I haven't had a lot of time on my hands the last couple of years.

I had a few reasons for leaving but the final straw was a contract that Freddy gave me. I had some concerns so I had a lawyer review it, it gave me zero security and my lawyer and I felt that I couldn't trust it. 
Freddy and I started to slowly lose our friendship. I was offended by the what was in the contract because it was my idea for him to have one in the first place... I didn't expect one that would be so one sided. He gave me two options... To sign it or quit.
I couldn't deal with the drama anymore so I quit and my page was deleted the next day. Since I didn't sign any video release forms I had him delete those too. BRTV just wasn't my match but I'm just one of the hosts on a very long list that didn't stay on there. 

At the end of the day, I feel very appreciative of the experience but I know very well that I was not brought on for the right reasons... I believe everyone else knows that as well. I wish BRTV continuous success and I'm not bitter towards them. I know they're fine without me and I'm fine without them. I'm still very confident and proud of my decision- I don't regret it. And I don't want them to treat me as competition because I don't see them as mine. I don't care if people view their videos and also view mine because at the end of the day people are working out, and that's all that matters!

7. How did you go about your own body transformation? You look unbelievable! Putting on 20lbs of muscle is no easy feat. 

Thanks so much:) I really appreciate that. You're right, it wasn't easy but I set a goal and stuck to it. I was just tired of being called 'skinny' to be honest, because that's never been my goal. I've always wanted to be called an athlete so I began lifting more weights while keeping my meals balanced. I always had a balanced diet before, but the difference is that I'm eating meals more often now. Meat meat and more meat! Haha. 
8. How did you come up with the name of XRNGFit for your new business? 

 My team and I all sat around an office throwing names around like crazy and there was some really funny ones! One of us said "quadzilla fitness" which I thought was funny and suitable... but I wanted something clean cut. 
One of the guys said that NRG would look cool instead of 'energy' and I loved that because I really wanted to incorporate energy into my name. I also loved that P90X had a name that seemed strong but actually had meaning. So I thought we would use the 'X' idea from that and next thing I knew I found the XNRGFit domain available!

9. Are you now a certified fitness trainer? 

Yes I am now!
10. Tell us what your new site will be offering? 

 Right now since we just did a soft launch, I don't have a ton of
content but I have workout videos and personal online training available so far. Over time I want to have tons of blogging, videos, recipes, a store, my own gym apparel line... The list goes on! 

11. I saw in you running in your promo video (Gorgeous promo! ). Are you a runner? 
Thanks girl, glad you like it! I owe it all to my talented team:) I wouldn't call myself a runner but I do enjoy it as long as there's nice scenery! I can get through a 10km run but after that, I endure some pain because I do have a few joint issues. I either love running or hate it, it totally depends on location for me!

12. Do you prefer to workout at a gym or at home? 

 I prefer to workout at the gym usually. I go through phases but I just really love lifting weights, so there's more options for me there. I typically go at 6am too so I'll practically have the whole place to myself:) 

13. What's your favorite exercise and your least favorite? 

That's a tough question! I have so many favourites but this week I'm loving box jumps! 
My least favourite is easy, I actually don't enjoy doing wide gripped pull ups lol. I do them.. But hate it!  
14. How many days a week do you workout and how long are your workouts? 

 I typically workout 6 days a week. My workouts are from 60-90 min long. If I was doing a high intensity body weight routine it would probably be 20-30 min.

15. Do you know how many calories you eat a day? Do you know how many grams of carbs, protein, fats you eat each day? 

I honestly don't have a clue! Since my goal is to maintain my weight right now, I typically keep each meal balanced and portion controlled. If I was trying to lose weight id pay more attention to the #s for sure.

16. What can we expect next from you in the future? Or anything else you would like to ad?

 Expect me to never give up on growing XNRGFit... I've worked so hard to get here and it was such a mentally exhausting and grueling process. I almost gave up so many times but I didn't and here we are. I know how much work this will be but I'm ready to take it on. I just want to thank everyone for the support, it means a lot! 
17. Last, but not least, what does your tattoo say? 

 For beautiful eyes look for the good in others,
For beautiful lips speak only words of kindness,
& for poise walk with the knowledge that you're never alone.

Good luck Haley! Looking forward to seeing more from you. 


  1. Oh that interview is so telling! I think Freddy is a spin doctor. Funny how in your interview with him you refered to Lisa as his girlfriend yet she still lives in London and he is posting pictures of HIS new place. YUCK!

  2. I had a feeling that's what was up between Bodyrock and Haley, to be honest. I always liked her, but I feel her being let go was the best thing to happen for her. She always had potential, and if she'd stayed with BR she would have floundered. What I wouldn't have guessed was the tension between her and Sean. That's a bit upsetting.

    Obviously there's loyalty with Freddy when it comes to Lisa and Sean, but there was the aura of bad business at the time that happened, as well as with Lish... and it's never been a secret that Lisa is super, super focused on her perceived flaws. I feel like such a gossiper, omg (shaking my head at myself) but honestly to have an also-vibrant, also-beautiful, also-fit girl who was just being herself with no experience in front of a camera must have been a bit intimidating. I got that feel not even knowing what was behind the scenes.

    Anyway, Bodyrock has definitely expanded and are doing things differently, in a positive way. Whatever works for them. I'm glad that Haley doesn't see them as competition because she makes a good point of the main goal being that people are working out. There's a lot of education to be be derived from having multiple resources, even if one does have to cut through a lot of BS.

    I wish her all the luck!

    1. Very well said Lindsey. And yes, I think BR is heading in a new direction and I wish Haley a lot of luck too. She's great!

  3. Oh all you need now is Lisa and Zuzka I love all the questions you ask Thanks Brill read :-)

    1. Welcome! :)
      I highly doubt Zuzka or Lisa would be willing!

  4. So interesting, thank you so much, Gina, about these interviews! <3

    And Haley, if you´re reading this; you look amazingly gorgeous! You go girl! =D

    1. You're welcome! and she does look amazing! I agree.

  5. This makes me super curious about what Lish would say about her experiences at BRTV.

    1. Hopefully we will soon find out. I've contacted her. Stay tuned!;)