Thursday, October 9, 2014

Zuzka's Beginners Workout, 5 Min Workout, BR #19 and 20

OK - this is a little weird, but I can only see Zuzka's latest workout - Beginners #7 - on my iPhone, but NOT on my computer. So if you can't see it either, try it on your phone. It is a workout for complete beginners. Or she says to do it if you want a break from high intensity workouts. This would also be a good one in my opinion if you wanted to go real heavy with weights.
No workout breakdown again which is annoying,
We are owed another workout - ZRopes for tomorrow. I hope it is posted on time!
Zuzka also has another free 5 minute workout.
There was actually a lot of negative type comments about these workouts - that they are not enough, and someone even asked - what's the point?
OK, I'm defending Zuzka here. First, they're FREE. Don't kick a gift horse in the mouth folks. Secondly, she says these workouts are good for crazy days where you are short on time.
She also makes the point that with the Tabata protocol someone can get into great shape with 4 minutes a day. Perhaps - but you really have to know how to push yourself to the absolute LIMIT. Most of us don't know how to do that.

BR posted workouts #19 and #20 on time again. There was a little glitch last night in the title for #20 which was listed with no workout, and no #19. But if you went to Lisa's FB page you could click on a link to YouTube to watch it. It was cleared up by morning.
These 2 workouts I did not like as much as the three at the beginning of the week, but they weren't bad.

BR Plus for week #5 is also available for sale right now so if you want a head start for next week, you can get it.

And another weird thing -  there WAS a Promo for HIIT Maxx Season 2 with Lisa - which starts on October 27th. But I just looked and it wasn't there anymore. Lets see if that is fixed by morning too. had some glitches a couple of days ago, so I wonder if they are having some technical difficulties. Nothing we can't handle - yet!

I'll keep my fingers crossed that WIN puts up the ZRopes. I have some time to myself tomorrow morning, and I love jump rope, so hopefully it's up in time.

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  1. I like that Zuzka made that point about the tabata component, about really pushion oneself.... when short on time, really pushing yourself for even 5 minutes is probably bound to be enough to not throw one off track of their long-term goals. When one has all the time in the world (ok, relatively), however, they might not push as hard as is ~necessary~. In that sense, 5 minutes wouldn't be enough, but that's the fault of the person, not the workout. I love the 5 minute workouts and I hope she keeps them up!

    Week 5 of BR's recent challenge is next week; I can't believe it's almost here! I really appreciate them posting workouts as they have because I'm not about to pay for what I can get for free (sorry, Freddy, lol) but I will check out BR Plus.

    They're only now starting to win my attention again, so like with most second chances, I'll take my time before making an investment in their product. I am very impressed by this challenge, though, and commend them for the strides they've made regarding the focus of their routines/brand (as far as the public can perceive).