The Best Equipment & Supplements

The Best Equipment & Supplements

Below is a list of equipment that is used by BR.TV at cheaper prices. I however wanted to update this page including equipment that I personally like and use at home. I don't think you need all the equipment BR.TV promotes. And they need to get on the bandwagon with Kettlebells!!!!





Wall balls: 
Crossfitter use the Dynamax Ball. This is similar to the UGI ball, but MUCH cheaper.
 Battle Ball: This is the one closest to BR's Wall Ball, but it doesn't have the attached strap, BUT it CAN be slammed without voiding warranty and it is WAY less expensive.
 Sand bag - comes in heavier options:

Kettelbells - cheaper than Zuzka's, and same quality

Weighted vest - SO much cheaper than BR's AND there's a 10lb version as well

Bosu - it's not pink, but it's $20 cheaper, and it'sold out on BR right now.

Equalizer - all colors, it's on sale on BR right now, so sorry guys, I could only get this one for the same price, not cheaper. 

Battle Ring Suspension System - a cheaper and unique variation of a TRX. This thing ROCKS beyond belief! I wish BR or Zuzka would do workouts with this thing! Check out a sample workout with these:
They sell out of these ALL the time, so go grab it. I finally got mine. :)

Jungle Gym - a less expensive version of the TRX, and another piece of equipment I wish that BR or Zuzka would use.

Jump Rope like Zuzka uses: 

WEIGHTED Speed Jump Rope  - makes jumping rope so much easier!

The Step - I have an old one I got off of craigslist (a GREAT resource for home gym equipment by the way), but one of these days I will get a new one. 

I find the Stability ball to be super useful for core work, upper back work and hamstrings. You can also use it as a bench to do shoulder presses, chest presses and the like. And it's super inexpensive. 

Resistance bands are another inexpensive and great way to workout from home or when you travel. They are a great alternative to weights and don't take up much room so you can bring them with you wherever you go! No excuses. :) 

I love my Parallette Bars! Nothing works my whole upper body the way these do. And you can use them to practice your pistol squats.

Here's another way to practice your pistol squats. This bench adjusts to varying heights so you can keep progressing in getting lower and lower into your pistols. You can also use this as a plyo box, for hip thrusters and bridging as well as a step. offers new yoga classes of all kinds of all levels EVERY day. Pretty cool. Choose from a variety of classes to do right in your own living room.

Comparable HIIT Bar and Weights - similar to BR's, but it is a straight bar and no fancy colors. However, it is under $60 for the bar, weights and collars! 

Pull Up Bar:  I cannot live without mine! And this one is high quality for under $30.

Vegan Protein Powders: I am not a vegan, but sometimes I'd like to get my extra protein from non-animal sources and from a protein powder that actually TASTES good!
Vega ONE:

Onnit Vegan Hemp Formula:

And if you are looking to order supplements, protein powder, high quality cooking and baking ingredients for a fraction of the cost, look here!
Using that link gets you $10 off your first order. :)

Anyone interested in Juice Plus, LET ME KNOW! It's the greatest supplement on the planet, hands down: ( ) Full of anti-oxidants, 100% absorbsent by the body, and FREE for kids. Can improve your health in so many ways. Click on the link above to read more.

If there are any topics you would like to see covered on my blog, let me know, and if there is any equipment you would like offered, let me know that too.
Thanks for reading!

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