Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I know in the past that both and Zuzana have recommended various supplements - mostly protein powders.
When I search around other fitness and health web-sites, they all seem to promote one type of protein powder or another, or some other type of vitamin, mineral or supplement.

I have done extensive research on this. Now, I can't recommend one protein powder over another, but I try and eat real food and stay away from these man-made chemically processed powders. When I'm in a pinch and need something fast or one the road, I use a raw vegan brand. I'm not a raw vegan, but this are so much less processed and gets in some protein when I need it.

I also see recommendations for vitamins a lot of the time. Lets be clear here - you pee out over 80% of vitamins. That's right! What a waste of money. Americans have the most expensive urine on the planet - LOL.
If you are pregnant, nursing or trying to get pregnant, then yes, a prenatal vitamin is recommended.
From my other research I find that vitamin D and fish oil are also recommended. Finding one that is actually absorbed and not full of fillers can be touch. Whole foods sells a good quality vitamin D and Dr. Bill sells one of the best quality fish oils out there. (IMO).
Dr. Bill also has some terrific weight loss advice. I recommend signing up for his newsletter!

I take Fish oil myself as well as Juice Plus. Have you heard of it? It is absolutely mind boggling to me that this product is not recommended by more fitness personalities. Frankly, I just don't get it.

Let me explain. Juice Plus is capsules filled with 17 different fruits and veggies. Everyone is always asking - how can I get more fruits and veggies in my diet? Well, here lies the answer!

How do they get all these fruits and veggies into capsules? Well, they are dehydrated, ground up into powder form and the powder is put into capsules. No joke! And since it is dehydrated it takes out the water, fiber and sugar content, so there is a total of 5 calories. That's right - 5!!!!

And it only gets better. Since this is REAL food your body absorbs 100% of the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. (We all know how important anti-oxidants are at preventing cancer these days - right)?
The fruits and veggies used by Juice Plus is vine ripened, organic, and kosher. You know when you buy fruit and you let it sits for a few days to ripen? Well, it is not actually ripening - it is rotting! 
Juice Plus only uses fruits and veggies that are ripened before picking them. This means they have that many more vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants in them.Good stuff!

Can you imagine how much it would cost to buy 17 different fruits and veggies to eat every day? But how much healthier you would be? Well Juice Plus is only $44.00 a month. AND if you have kids that you want to take it with you - they have chewables and they can get theirs for FREE. YES, FOR FREE!!!!

The one down side to Juice Plus is that is has to be ordered through a distributor. And well, guess what? I'm a distributor! So if you want more info, please comment on this blog and I can contact you directly.

I am surprised that Zuzka and/or does not promote this.

Anyways, you can check out for more info, or contact me for even more info. I love this stuff and wouldn't talk about it if I didn't. My kids and I take it everyday. :)

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