Friday, October 10, 2014

No ZRopes! Melissa's Workout and Lisa's Recipe

So I'm up early this morning and no ZRopes. Sigh....
I don't think it is Zuzka's fault, but her lack of communication is getting old and super frustrating.
These workouts are NOT free!

I found an AWESOME workout from Melissa:
Gonna be doing some of this for my butts n gutts class next week. Looks tough on those legs.
She looks SO strong.

Check out her FB page.
She has a few workouts posted on there. Looks like she is doing well with Athlean-X. :)

This recipe was posted on Lisa's FB page the other day. I'll finally have time today to make it. Looks YUMMY and like something my kids would eat.

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  1. Of course! As soon as I finish my workout, ZRopes is posted. ARGH!