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It Is Lish's Turn - Another Former BR Host Opens Up!

A VERY big thank you to Lish for this great interview. She is one fit mama!

Be sure to check her out here:

1. How was it that you became a BR host?
I had been so inspired by their website in it's earliest days. It literally was the catalyst
that I needed to make healthy transitions and start practicing a new lifestyle that would help
me overcome addiction and depression. I was active on the site/blog from the get-go, very
inspired and enthusiastic. Both Freddy & Zuzana had been interactive and friendly online. I
was featured on their Bodyrockers page and then contacted after I had my 3rd little son
in 2011. It was my understanding that they would be introducing new hosts over the next
year. I was still nursing Braxie, so Freddy agreed that I could come host in summer 2012,
which I did!

2. How was it watching yourself on screen as a host? 
That was surreal, a bit embarrassing, and
just fun. My hubby and I were traveling back home when we got a text that my first video was
live. Sean and I did that one.

3. How was it working for Freddy?
Freddy is a dynamic, highly intelligent, quiet kinda guy. I went
there already feeling like I knew him pretty well. I was extremely nervous, though, because I am
naturally very shy. My husband, Gary, hit it off right away with Freddy, they are same age and
had many conversations that just flowed. That was nice as I had a 10 month old to keep happy
on my stay in Kingston. He was very accommodating and decent-acting. He even asked Gary if
my outfits were alright onscreen, paid for delicious meals and a beautiful bed & breakfast inn.
We enjoyed Starbucks meetups and just got along well. Our stay was brief, but I met his Dad
and some other family, all were pretty charming and welcomed me warmly.

4. and working with Sean? Lisa?
I didn't meet Lisa (she was overseas), and Sean and I seemed to
do well together on the work front. I was there with my little family, and beyond the workout
sessions together, we didn't hang out really at all. We all ate a late meal together on our first
night there, and he was quiet and more reserved than Freddy, for sure. He is really close to
Freddy, they did a lot together. Sean came down to film a workout or two in West Virginia, where
we live, (USA) and we got along fine, he liked my boys and we had lunch together before we
headed home.

5. I see you have your own Facebook page called Free and Fit with Lish. What else of you been
doing since you left bodyrock? why did you leave? 
I had my own website for about a year, had some neat videos I shared on my YouTube channel, and am now certified to teach The Happy Body lifestyle, founded by Jerzy & Aniela Gregorek. I have moved 3 times, due to my husband's job, and now are settled in our hometown in West Virginia. I have learned so much and would like to say that I am not willing to disclose any details that are going to generate more gossip with
I left because I had a growing family and they were and always will be my priority. I
was heading in my own direction as far as health & fitness. I try not to over think things anymore,
that was a hard thing for me, splitting with BR (it had become part of my identity in a way), but we
did resolve things professionally and I have no hard feelings towards them. That is important to
me, in every area of my life. I'm not perfect, I don't always go about things exactly how I should,
and neither does anyone else. It's not my place to blame, I just take the good of that whole
experience and continue to progress and grow in my personal journey! They are very successful,
I wish them all well. If they are helping others to feel better about themselves, lose weight,
become healthier...well, that's a good thing.

6. I always found you very motivating because you were the only bodyrock host at the time who had children and still the only bodyrock host who has had multiple children. I always thought if your abs look like that, then mine could too! ;) How is it that you stay in such great shape?!
First, thank
you! I have always been extremely energetic, driven, and athletic--for as long as I can
remember. I also am acknowledging that genetically I am helped out. I build muscle easily, my
father was a great athlete, my mother was never overweight, etc. I have no stretch marks, also
genetic! (blessings, I know). I eat consistently healthy, tons of vegetables--they are staples in my house. I also am so active. It is a rare thing for me to even sit to watch a movie! With my
big family of nothing but boys, there is always something to be doing. I get up early in the
morning to do my Happy Body routine, meditate, have my coffee and that starts my day, every
day. I don't believe in making excuses or settling, or being just mediocre. What is mediocre to
me may be excelling for someone else, and vice versa. I do the best I can, I have known what it
was like to be unhealthy and uninspired. My heart wants to stay inspired and live a healthy,
balanced life with my family. I want to feel amazing and share my experiences if they help
someone else. Life is such a beautiful gift, not to waste! ☆

7. Were you able to stay in shape during your pregnancies or did you have to start over each time?
I ate the same each pregnancy. Healthily. I didn't change, and I didn't use my pregnancy as an
excuse to junk up my diet. That is wrong, besides! Healthy babies need healthy nutrition! I
stayed active throughout my pregnancies and by my last one, I was convinced that no matter
how many children I chose to carry, I was well-equipped to maintain a fit body and mind through
adequate exercise and more importantly, proper portions and whole food consumption.

8. Do you have any advice for other moms out there? Not to worry. As my first nurse advised me,
"You are PREGNANT, not handicapped!" She told me to keep doing what my body was
accustomed to...(at time I was a long-distance runner) and keep my healthy diet. She saud I was
toned and not to lose my muscle. That is one reason I had 3 very easy deliveries, no
complications (Thank God), and walked out of hospital (no wheelchair) in my regular jeans.
Listen to your body. Eat mindfully and go for long walks when pregnant! I used to. I also used
the gazelle for 20-25 minutes a few times a week while I caught up on news or something. I
don't think any one pregnancy is the same, just like no two women. Broadly, eat when you are
hungry, eat lots of brothy soups and veggies, stay very hydrated, and MOVE your bod.

9. It looks like you prefer to work out at home?
I really do, yes. At least at this season in my life. I do my 45 minute routine, often in my p.j.'s.

10. How many days a week do you work out and how long are your workouts?
5-6 days a week.
Sometimes 45 minutes, sometimes add a little extra fun outdoor activity or some burpees, or
rollerblading! I hike at random and I walk my 100 lb dog some evenings. I feel good a lot and
my energy is high a, I rely on my weight routine (Happy Body) and meditation to maintain
my weight and strength, flexibility...but, I don't limit myself to that. I stopped doing endurance
training and heavy cardio, however. It is counterproductive for me, personally.

11. What is your favorite piece of equipment to work out with? 
My dumbbells and yoga mat!

12. What is your diet like? Do you know how many calories you eat a day or what you consume in terms of protein, fat and carbs?
I do not ever count calories, never will. I'm not wired that way!
I usually eat similar to THB book guide, which is 2 main meals...small snacks of like macaroons,
Quest bar, fruit, yogurt or nuts between those meals. I eat mostly veggie based meals...I love fish
or eggs for my protein. Also, quinoa! I balanced my hormones by eating more healthy fats like
avocado, coconut, and chia/flax.

13. How do you stay on track with your diet with having children? With all the birthday parties, children's events, kids asking for junk food, etc, it's hard to stay away from it!
If I really want
something, I'll have a small portion of it! I indulge in sweets only on special occasions--
Thanksgiving I love pecan pie...Christmas...eggnog....Anniversary...Tiramisu! If we have treats
ALL the time, they stop being "treats" and we don't even enjoy them as much. Life is to be lived,
but moderation in everything. I eat dark chocolate! Also, on the weekend, usually Saturdays, I
go out to eat with my family...I order whatever I want. If the portions are nuts (like often
American portions are) I take home the rest to be eaten later on. I love healthy food, though,
and am not a huge sweet lover. If you are, stick to fruits for the most part.

14. Are there any online workout sites that you follow now? 
I am kind of in my own zone at the moment! I have followed several and still remain supportive of several. I actually am not doing
much internet surfing this year, as far as workouts. I know what works for me and it just helps to
simplify things a great deal. I do watch podcasts and read books and blogs that align with my
direction, values, etc. I am ever-learning and am a huge proponent of self-education. Almost
everything I've learned in relation the health and wellness has been discovered from many, many
hours of my free-time studying people that intrigue me or that I trust their work. I think Ben
Coomber is incredible, and I am forever grateful for Zuzana Light's foundational expertise.

15. I see you have some filmed workouts on your FB page. What should we look for in the future from Free and Fit with Lish? Or anything else you would like to ad?
I have a YouTube channel where I share anything pertaining to health, family, minimalism, and
fitness. I simply share what works for me and truly enjoy blogging my journey for my
fans/followers. I like it. It is a passion of mine to help people feel a better version of themselves!
I have a Facebook page, Instagram, and I'm on twitter, too. I am a parent first, and my boys keep
me extremely busy, so I often plan my videos around what people message me they would like
me to work on.

I thank you for your time, cheers! :)

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