Saturday, October 11, 2014

Thanks Haley and Lish! More Interviews? Freddy's post, RITA! Zuzka's post, BR's HIIT Maxx Season 2

I have LOVED the interviews with Haley and Lish. I really appreciate them taking the time to answer my questions. I am hoping to get more of former BR hosts to interview with me. I have asked a couple of them, but have not heard back yet. I will keep you posted.

I love Haley's new company and its name. I freaking LOVE that Lish looks the way she does after 3 kids, and that she was honest about her genetics playing a role.

Of course I LOVED that Freddy did an interview too. He actually has a pretty interesting post on his FB page right now: Check it out. An interesting post and interesting to read people's thoughts and comments. I commented on it too.

So - Zuzka, Lisa - if you're reading this - want to do an interview too?!?!?!
A girl can dream - right? :)

Did you guys know that Rita has been on a half a dozen magazine covers? I didn't. She did A LOT before ever joining BR. She's also competed. I had no idea. She's also lost quite a bit of weight herself and went through her own body transformation. :)

I wonder if she will come back on BR. I always thought she was classy.

Zuzka just did another post for I find this odd since she is not a bodybuilder. LOL. But I guess she looks like one. It still amazes me that she looks like one without lifting heavy weights. Oh to be so lucky!
She has a few new workouts up here too that you can see without the delay of WIN. Sigh.... I'm curious if this week will have the same delays and ignoring of it as it has had the last couple of weeks. I hope not.

Someone asked Zuzka about following the Ketosis diet and she responded: Zuzka Light No I don't, Jesse does. I control my carb intake and keeping it low, but my diet is moderate in fat. I make dinners often for Jesse which are high in fat and moderate in protein. I eat them too but I stick to smaller portions. He can eat a lot more, because when you're on Keto diet, you can eat like 4 times as many calories and as long as it's mostly from fat, your body burns it for energy and you just don't gain weight. It's really fascinating. I believe in the Keto diet, but I don't follow it at the moment because I just really enjoy earning my carbs with workouts It's a lifestyle choice.

I've been learning about the Ketosis Diet in my nutrotion course and according to the author A LOT of people can actually benefit from this diet. HOWEVER - with that being said, your body takes 2-3 weeks to adjust and it can be hell, your breath stinks once you are in the state of Ketosis, there's not a ton of research showing what this diet does over the long haul, and there are some people who simply will fail on this diet and instead thrive on high carb. It takes trial and error to see what works for you - and you need to stick with it for a couple of weeks. 

I love this pic of Zuzka. It looks like she is in the zone of working out, and looks a lot less posed and fixed than many of her pictures. I know this is nit picking, but I also really like the fact that is shows a piece of her skin over her shorts. It is not photo-shopped out! The skin in my stomach does this too and it drives me NUTS, but less so now that I see that hers does it too. :) She really does have the best abs - a flat 6 pack without looking masculine. 

I tried to sign up for BR's HITT MAXX Season 2, but got a server error. Geez! The technical difficulties these days! I will try again later and see if it is fixed. 

But it's coming with Lisa October 27th. I hope it is as organized as this past HIIT MAXX has been. 
Rest days. What are you guys up to? I typically rest on Saturdays. Gonna go hang out with the kiddos. 

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  1. I did hiit cardio/strength this weekend, about 45 mins each go because I was a bit short on time. Saturday I did a routine BR posted, the Insane Fat Burning 20 Minute HIIT routine., which was pretty cool. Then I did a 25 minute routine involving something else that I can't remember, lol. Sunday I did 3 rounds of the following: 5 minutes of strength + 10 minutes of running in intervals on the treadmill. Each round focused on a particular ~problem area~; first upper body, then core, then lower body. After that I was supposed to attend an open house at a hot yoga studio in Brentwood, but I couldn't find parking! It took about a half hour to finally get a spot and by then I was so late to the class that I just walked around the neighborhood then went home, lol. They had classes all day but I was meeting up with friends for brunch and didn't have time.

    There is a hot yoga studio closer to me in Beverly Hills that has an $8 community class six days a week, so I think I will check that out this Saturday.