Tuesday, October 7, 2014

ZShred #47 and BR day 18, and I found Teshia!

ZShred #47 was finally posted and I reallllllly liked this workout. It has a push, pull, leg and cardio component to it.
But can someone tell me HOW it is that Zuzka has such muscular arms when she is only using 8 lb weights?! I would have used 15's and 20's for the various exercises she chose to do, not 8's. So I don't get it.
Regardless I did like this workout and the combo of exercises.
Zuzka did not post the workout breakdown - or maybe it was WIN that did not post it.
Now I know that Zuzka and WIN seem to be at odds, and I'm not sure what the contract is between them, but something has to change soon. They are making Zuzka look bad, but not only that, if you look up WIN entertainment they have had some pretty high profile clients. They are making themselves look bad - what other celebrity would want to hire them after all these problems?

BR posted day 18 - on time again. Thank you! I am liking this week the best so far. Pretty good workout from Lisa again today. I wonder if push ups and burpees feel like a breeze without the vest on now for her. :)

The dailyhiit.com did seem to have a server down today as you could not connect to many of their blog posts. On Freddy's other audio interview that I posted I remember hearing him talk about how their servers would go down - too much traffic! Not a bad problem to have, but does need to be fixed nonetheless. I sure it must cost them a pretty penny to keep all those servers up and running - hence the need for more guides, equipment, BR Plus? I guess it's really all about supply and demand. Hopefully both BR and Zuzka will be able to fill the demand.
But each time it does go down, there should be a mention of it with an apology - IMO.

So I found BR's former yoga host - Teshia. She has her own FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Teshia-Maher-and-the-home-of-Living-Live-Nutritional-Consulting/201844026610970

She has something out called HIIT Yoga - which is something I've been trying to get going around here where I live at my local gyms. Her debut of this kind of class will be on Oct 18th in Ontario Canada.
She posted on Freddy's page, and Lisa posted on her page, so it looks like they are on good terms. I wonder if she will do work for them again?

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  1. Zuzana always had nice arms and shoulders, even way back before she got famous through BodyRock. I think it has to do with good genes + she actually mentioned in one of her YouTube videos that the kettlebells has helped her sculpt those arms. Also all the push-up variations she's been using on a regular basis over all these years must've helped :)