Tuesday, October 7, 2014

ZGym Doesn't Seem to be Working! And what about this pic from BR?

ZShred #47 was due out last night and it is still not posted. Zuzka posted nothing about the delay on her FB page, but DID post this one measly statement on her ZGym web-site page:

Hi everyone,
I apologize about the Zshred not being posted yet. I have given the videos to WIN, they have not uploaded it. I don’t have access to that part of the site.
Huh? I don't understand. Why were they given to WIN? I thought she was doing her own thing? Don't we as paying customers deserve more of an explanation than that?
BR- since you are now charging people for BR PLUS - take note - people do not like an interruption in their service and do not like it when no real answers are given! If you are reading BR - remember - under promise and OVER deliver - every.single.time.
Zuzka - please give us more of an update!!!
There have been quite a few complaints on Zuzka's web-site:

  1. Nicole 
    Hi again Zuzka
    Can you please explain to us why you cannot release the workout like before
    I use to watch the video monday morning first hour when you start this new site and now you change the days from monday&tuesday to tuesday&thursday and sometimes I can watch the video just tuesday evening
    Please make something it is unprofessional and I’m tired to keep writting this every week
    Please Zuzka be consistent and let us know the exactly hour when we can watch the new workout
  2. hobbie 
    I completely echo Nicole’s sentiments. This is absolutely unacceptable. Timings/upload dates keep changing. Uploading never happens at the promised time/date. Zuzka – I know you are doing a lot but you cant compromise on customer experience for a paid service.
  3. valerie paul 
    Yes it is 5:15 am EST where I am, and I cannot do Tuesdays workout, which was supposed to be uploaded the night before California time. So its 2:15am Tuesday morning pst and no Tuesday NEW workout. I guess I will do an alternate workout, no choice
  4. Sherri Hall 
    Wish you the best of luck working out whatever issues are keeping you from posting workout videos on time. It’s disappointing logging on and all ready to do the workout to find its not there.
    Once again wishing you success in your attempt to go this without a production team :)
  5. yvette salva 
    Exactly. I ore paid for 6 months. A paid service
    Means exactly that
    You are committing to your customers something
    For that service
    It is tues morning 6:45 am NY time and no workout before
    Work. Very disappointing
  6. Carolina Portillo 
    Hi what happened with Zsherd #47? Is 9am in New york, that means 6 AM in California, if you guys are having problems with posting the videos at time, why dint post the whole week workouts on sunday night? Im going to look for a other workout but it will be nice to have the whole week workouts in advance
    Thank you
  7. olivia szeplaki 
    It’s 16.30 here in Italy, still no zshred. If i would like to have my money back because the service (for what i paid) is not the promised one, who do i have to write to? Please answer. Thank you in advance!
People are getting annoyed, frustrated and want more of an explanation. Someone pointed out that you cannot compromise on customer experience for a paid service. Yup! 
And someone else recommended she post the week of videos in advance. It's a good idea, and one that BR is charging for now, and I can see the reason for NOT doing that - it keeps people coming back to your site looking for more if it is spread out. But for now in order to keep us paying customers happy, Zuzka might just need to do that. OR post 2 out of the 3 workouts at the beginning of the week and the last one towards the end of the week. 
Regardless - Zuzka needs to get this figured out. I paid for a 3 month membership! I feel like I got ripped off. :(  I'm not sure that I want to sign up again. 

On another topic, I saw this posted on BR's FB page. What do you guys think? It is fake? Are there a lot of 'fakes' being posted out there? I haven't really noticed. I don't pay a lot of attention to many of the before and afters. Maybe I should start to?

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