Monday, October 6, 2014

BR Day #17; Is the Fit Chick Facts too much? Nothing yet from Zuzka's Workout Schedule

BR day #17 is posted. I really like this workout. I love the version of jump squats that Lisa does here. I just might use it in my butts n gutts class Wed morning! :)
I would make my deadlift burpees a little different - I would add in a push up with the burpee and use much heavier weight. I think Lisa was using 27 lbs. I would use two dumbbells instead - between 40 and 55 lbs depending on how fast I wanted to go.
The description says sandbag, and Lisa is using the HIIT Bar. This is the second or third time I have seen the equipment mis-labeled. Not really a big deal, but just curious as to why?
I also love mountain climbers on a ball. They are so much harder that way, and I feel them even more in my abs.
I liked this workout because it had a push, pull, squat, jump, and ab exercise all in there. Thank you!

BR always knows how to stir up a bit of controversy - especially with their Fit Chick Facts pics.

I copied and pasted some of the comments below. A lot of people are just OVER these kinds of pics where others seem to find it motivating. I'm indifferent. Would I like to look like that? You bet. Do I want to spend 10 grand on a boob job with 6 weeks down time? No, I'll put it into my kids college fund instead. Would I go outside dressed like this? NO - not even if I looked like that.
I would rather see pics of women really working out instead. It can still be sexy, but no one works out like this!
I would like enough money to have endermologie or vela shape - one of those cellulite removing procedures that you can get done every 6 months to smooth things out. Yep, I'd do that for myself if I had the disposable income.

  • Lisa Sequeira What's the fit chick fact got to do with underboob cleavage? Love the tips but the overkill of body baring skin these days is getting redundant. You can still give great tips and promote good healthy bodies without verging on trashy. Don't get me wrong, I like a sexy body as well as the next person but for me it's getting to be a bit much.
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  • Saber Young I like all the fit girl facts but I could never see myself going outside in my lacy underpanties and under boob showing. Kudos on those balls.
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  • Vivian Anyema Quaye Stop with the boobs, ass and what have you already. It takes away from the message, when it should strengthen or illustrate instead.
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  • Christine Ainsworth Another stupid pic
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What do you guys think?

Zuzka has not posted her new workout ZShred #47 yet. She is on PST time and I'm EST so I think they often go up when I'm asleep. I wish she would post them earlier. 
I never did her 300 jump squat challenge - for 2 reasons - I like my workouts to consist of more than one body part. Not that I couldn't add on, but after 300 jump squats you'd be pretty wiped, and it would take away from the rest of the workout.
Secondly, I was worried about how sore this would make me which would take away from my workouts for the rest of the week. 
Not to say I wouldn't like this challenge. It would be a good one for when I'm traveling or in the mood to be sore. 

I wonder where Zuzka is going to take us next. She had a bunch of series - Abs, Butt, KB, Guns & Pistols, cardio yoga, etc, and now I feel like we are short of lost in a mix of new and old workouts. I like the mapped out organization of workouts better. I like to know what's coming.


  1. I gotta tell you, Reading Your blog has made me more interested in the BR-videos lately! Because of all the New hosts, I haven't had the interest in watching the videos as much as before... I follow too many Youtube-fitness People I guess + I follow a diet and exercise-program where I need to go to the gym, so I haven't been doing more than just WATCHING videos lately.
    And Zuzka was always nr 1, but these past days I've been looking at Lisa Marie more and more, and I gotta say I really like her! (Well, not so fan of all the shouting), but she does motivate alot. And the videos are better than they were before -no ass and titties in yo face LOL! + her recent boob job is waaaay better for her body than her previous one, where they were TOO BIG for her body!
    Also, I noticed in one video that she mentioned that she wasn't able to squat that low because her body wasn't made that way -which is VERY IMPORTANT for everyone to hear!
    As you wrote previously, Zuzka is able to squat ASS TO GRASS without rounding her lower back, which is not possible for just everyone! -But she makes it look so damn simple! LOL
    In todays HIITMAX, Lisa did a jump squat (With legs narrow), and shoulder press combo. I would rather sit in the squat position jumping with legs out, then jump my legs inwards and raise the weight due to a better squat-position :)
    (Sorry if my English is bad :p)

    1. Hege - I like Lisa the more I see of her. I always liked Zuzka's workouts better, but lately her workouts and customer service have suffered a great deal. I hope she brings it back! Lisa's boobs look WAY better now, and yes squatting is different for everyone. Squats for A LOT of people can be significantly improved, but then again only to a certain degree.

  2. As to Fit Chick Facts: Seing that most Fitness/Fitspo pics now days shows women in underwear, "belfies", abs and silicone boobs, I don't react much to the photos. I see muscles in arms, legs, glute and abs, and that's what inspires me :)
    Sex sells, that's just how it is these days!
    I don't think I would take a second glance at just some sporty, happy girl in a washed out T-shirt with that same text lol!

  3. I agree with the ~underboob~ and lingerie pairing, etc. I've stated before that I am in no way a prude, but I'm not (intentionally) showcasing underboob when working out nor am I in an obvious pair of lacy underthings. It's cute and titillating, yes, but it's more ~fitsexfacts~ imagery (or somewhere in between) than ~fitchickfacts~. Not to project my own feeling of breasts aside, but not everyone is as ample as those fitness models, and while I intend on getting implants next year (and have been planning for the last three :)), it's just a bit unnecessary when one is working out their entire body and not merely their chest/pectorals. In my opinion.