Monday, October 6, 2014

New Workout Toys!

I got myself some new workout toys for my birthday. They are Push up bars - or parallette bars: here is a sample workout breakdown.

Round upper back, pull abs in
Do a Push up
Swing legs through into an L-Sit
Do a dip
Swings legs back through (I need an extra hop here!)
Step into middle of bars and stand up
Do pistol on right hand side into L-Sit
Back into pistol position to standing to one legged deadlift
1 Handstand hop
Repeat on other side
Swings legs back through

Do 2 rounds of the flow above, and end with
10 single legged glute bridges each side, with a 5 -10 second hold on the last rep

Repeat for 20 minutes for a full workout.

This workout is missing a pulling exercise, so adding in some rows, pull ups or something along those lines would make this a full body workout.

Here is a clip of the workout. Yes, it was filmed in my kids playroom. LOL.

If you like my little gadgets (Parallette Bars)- you can order them here - J/Fit Pro Push Ups Bars. They were under $30!

You can probably use your dip station or Equalizer here too. :)


  1. That is such a great sequence I love that workout :-) happy birthday!

    1. Tx Rachael! It is so much harder than it looks!

  2. That looks crazy hard. I want to save it and try it when I get a bit stronger.