Sunday, October 5, 2014

Zuzka's Workout Schedule, BR Week 4, and HIIT Maxx 2 is coming Oct 27th!

Zuzka posted her workout schedule for this week:

Monday: ZWOW #76
Tuesday: ZSHRED #47 (new)
Wednesday: Yoga Cardio #1
Thursday: Beginner Workout  #7 (new)
Friday: ZROPE #5 (new)
Saturday: ZSpecial #3
Sunday: Rest Day or 5 Minute Abs & Butt Workout

So a combo of new and old workouts. With a note that the new workouts will be released the night before PST time. Lets see if that actually happens all 3 times this week. And she has a new ZRopes this week. Interesting! I love jumping rope, so I'm happy to see this one.

Update: Zuzka also posted her DietBet Schedule for the week:
Monday: ZWOW #41 (lower body)
Tuesday: ZWOW #23 (burpee torture)
Wednesday: 5 Minute Workout (link will be posted on Tuesday)
Thursday: ZWOW #59 (core & abs)
Friday: ZWOW #65 (Butt Workout)
Saturday: Exercise Challenge (link will be posted on Friday)

Sunday: Active Rest

BR's Week 4 of their HIIT Maxx starts tomorrow. It is couplet week - so they are pairing two exercises together. How do you guys like that kid of a workout?
It is posted Sandbag Swings, but Lisa is using the Wall Ball. I would rather use the sandbag because then atleast you can use a decent amount of weight.
Looks like they are sold out of their Bosu balls and Weighted vest, but click here if you need to order.

BUT - Did you know that Season 2 of HiitMax starts October 27th?

That was posted on Freddy's FB page! He did day in our interview new things were coming in Oct. I think that's good news. So we won't be left waiting and wondering when they next challenge is starting and there will not be a large lapse of time between challenges.
I like the better organized site with themes of workouts, timely postings, the listed breakdowns etc. It is MUCH easier to follow and allows for better planning the workouts. It is not as random.
Zuzka is still a little too random - but she is still in her growing phase. I would like to see a better mapped out plan from her.
Zuzka is BIG on short intense workouts and has always said she only does her own workouts. On the beginner days, does she end up doing more on her own you think? And how in the world did she learn yoga arm balances, 44 lb pistol squats and handstands in 12 minutes a day? I really want to ask her, but not sure she would respond.

Also, I wonder who will be hosting BR's next challenge?

And don't forget to check out my Healthy Advice for this week


  1. That's really cool that another ~season~ of HIITMax will be starting so soon after this challenge. For a second I thought we were on week 3, not week 4, as of this morning... amazing how time just zooms by! I hope to have a weighted vest by then; maybe I'll ask for one as an early birthday present. :)

    Couplets will be a fun change this week. I made Day 16 into a 20-minute workout just by doing more rounds; then I did two more 20-minute HIIT routines to round my workout to an hour.

  2. Sounds like an awesome workout that you did. BR is sold out of the best but I have it on my blog for $30 cheaper too. If you get it I'd love a review on it. Looks great but at the same time it looks uncomfortable. But I love new toys! ;)