Thursday, January 1, 2015's HITT Max Season 3 is Here With a Fit Test From Lisa

So it is here! HIIT Max Season 3 starts with a Fit Test. What did you guys think? Looks killer! The video is here: and Lisa explains each move briefly with a beginner's variation as well - which I thought was great. Lisa posted her scores:

Lisa-Marie BodyRock.Tv Host My Scores : 

Squat Jumps - 30 - Holding 2 x 10kg weights & 6lb Vest on 
Push Up Jack - 26 Total
Burpees - 11 with a push-up & Tuck
High Knees - 128 Total L&R - No extra weight just vest
Burpee Lunge - 18 Total L&R
Tuck Jumps - 36
Tricep Dips - 37 Off board straight legs
Straight Abs - 23
Surfboard Burpees - 20 Total L&R
Burpee to Squat - 17
Power Jacks - 30
Globe Jumps - 34 Total L&R
Low Plank Oblique - 31 Total 
Lunge Kick L - 14 - 2 x 10Kg Weights Over Head
Lunge Kick R - 12 - 2 x 10Kg Weights Over Head (legs were wobbling here lol)
Weighted Squats - 16 - 2 x 10Kg Weights on Shoulders
Bent Over Row - 24 (arms were dead here)
Reverse Pull Up - 19 
Push up Tuck - 9
Mat Jumps - 60 Total on Mat (didn't have a box handy)
Side Oblique Jump - 13

(The only one I question is the squat jump with the weighted vest and holding 40lbs?) (UPDATE - I asked her on FB and YES, she did do these with the vest AND weights!)

And Kelsey's Scores were posted as well: 

Kelsey’s Scores : 

BR fit test 2015 w/vest and 40 lb bag

Squat Jumps – 35
Push Up Jack – 15
Burpees – 17
High Knees – 60 each leg/120 total 
Burpee Lunge – 7 each leg/14 total
Tuck Jumps – 26
Tricep Dips – 23
Straight Abs – 23
Surfboard Burpees – 14
Burpee to Squat – 17
Power Jacks – 27
Globe Jumps – 23
Low Plank Oblique – 19
Lunge Kick L – 14
Lunge Kick R – 14
Weighted Squats – 18
Bent Over Row – 19
Reverse Pull Up – 25
Push up Tuck – 9
Mat Jumps – 22
Side Oblique Jump – 13

Looks like the weighted vest is back. I don't know if that is good or bad. LOL. If you want one that is $30 less than the original posted on BR's site, click HERE. It is the exact same one and there is a 10lb variation as well. You can even find them cheaper HERE (under $40!) but they are not the exact same one that Lisa uses. 
Kelsey uses a sandbag and Lisa uses weights. You'll need a bench or a step too for some of it. 

Lisa also does a video on her FB page wishing us a Happy New Year. Her hair looks amazing! I love it! I didn't like her 'I'm trying too hard cleavage look' though. It also looks like (to me) that she had more botox (or whatever) done on her eyebrows. That overly arched look is not one I like either, but she must like it. It looks like she has constantly raised brows. However - she would probably take one look at me and urge me to go to the plastic surgeon's office - LOL.  I'm sure my au natural look would not work for her. To each their own! But I am excited she is back with more workouts. I had a different workout planned for today, so I will do the fit test tomorrow after teaching my core class. 

Happy New Year everyone! What are your New Years Resolutions? How is the no sugar challenge going? Yesterday was a BUST for me as I went to a NY's Eve party, but at it again today. This is one challenge I want to do for the YEAR. Sugar only on special occasions - period. I will post another diet challenge next week. One challenge at a time - one day at a time, one workout at a time, we can all achieve our goals. :) 


  1. I think Lisa looks beautiful there. I always like her she just always looks happy and smiley. I thought her intro to the fit test was adorable. I had champagne last night I don't know if that's considered a sweet besides that and I did eat a cookie at like 2 am last night while watching farscape.

    1. I am confused I thought plus members got the whole week at once. Tomorrow there's a stretch one which I am looking forward too.

    2. I thought we got a whole week at once too so I am confused as well!