Saturday, January 23, 2016

BR.TV Intermediate Workout #5 With Lisa, The Weighted Vest and Other Equipment, and Zuzka's Latest Cardio Shred Workout #28

I was surprised to get a notification of workout #5 from BR.TV. I was not expecting it until Monday. It was a nice surprise.
It was with Lisa and it was a balance, agility, core workout. I wasn't really sure what to make of this routine. I have not been a big fan of the vest (it's hot, sweaty, uncomfortable - IMO), but this workout looks like a perfect place to use one. It also used 'The Challenger" but all of the workout can be done without it, and actually I think the cross body mountain climbers are harder without using one.

How many of you use the vest? I know BR sells it for $99. You can get the SAME one for $62.00 HERE:

Or you can get a similar one for under $40 (but it is 8 lbs) by clicking the link HERE.

Now these are just the vest, BR.TV has bundles that you might be more interested in.

The Challenger is pretty much $99 no matter where you get it from.

Zuzka also posted her latest Cardio Shred workout. I LOVED it. I would like it even better with a leg exercise added into it, but I loved the variation on pull-ups and push-ups that she did.

Other than the jumping rope, this seemed more of a strength workout than a cardio one - to me anyways.

Workout Breakdown
15 min AMRAP
1. Commando Pull ups x 3/3
2. High Knees with Cross Arm Jump (every 10 reps) x 50 reps
*low impact substitute would be fast pace forward lunges alternating legs (or large steps forward) x20
3. One Arm Push Ups x 4 alt.
5. High Knees with Cross Arm Jump (every 10 reps) x 50 reps
I can only do the one arm push-ups with my knees down, and I do remember Zuzka used to do them that way. I wish she would give a tutorial on how to progress to getting off the knees.

I feel like BR.TV has geared more towards beginner's lately and Zuzka has totally taken it up a notch. She has her weekly beginner workouts which has a different target audience. Either approach is fine, I am just noticing what they seem to be doing as of late.


  1. Zuzka seems to be really mindful of strength progression and skills development these days, and that's awesome. I'm half thinking of signing up if this is the direction she's going in.

    Bodyrock just seems like same shit, different day.

    1. You know Laura - I don't typically DO any of Zuzka's workouts, but I like some of the stuff she does - like one arm push-ups and commando pull-ups so I incorporate them into my own routine. I find her strength inspirational so I like that she is going in that direction.

  2. So she is not teaching how to do one arm push ups? I asked about those on Facebook earlier, did not get any answer. I just don´t understand how to do those, it feels like I lose all my coordination when I try. =D I think I am strong enough, (?) and I I read somewhere that is mostly about technique, don´t know is it true or not.

    1. Yes she is. It's in the exercice library in the Zgym

    2. Thanks - I will go check!

    3. Irene - form is KEY on one arm push-ups. I will do a post on it next week.

  3. Hello. I bought the nutrition handbook but i can not get it...doesnt work :'((((

  4. You were right, Workout #5 was a good buy out. I did It after Zuzka Cardio Shred 28 :)