Friday, January 22, 2016

BR.TV Intermediate Workout #4 With Edith, Killer Kettlebell Workouts and Zuzka's 5 Minute Workout

I liked this latest routine from BR.TV with Edith!!! Looks like a great HIIT workout. I would use it as a cash out and not a full workout. If I were to do that, I would replace the 2 step moves with a squat and a box jump, and would do the burpees with a full push up, but the way it is rocks as a little fat blaster.

I LOVE the surrender exercise. I am not sure if any of you used to follow Marianne Kane - she did those surrenders with a Kettlebell and she always had fantastic workouts (you can find her old KILLER KB workouts on YouTube as Kitty8Tim).

So lets see what next week brings us from Lisa and Edith. Looking forward to it.

I also really liked Zuzka's latest 5 minute workout:

Workout Breakdown
1. Hanging Leg Raises x 5
2. Russian twist x  5
3. Kick through Plank x 10
Do many of you find it hard to do that hanging leg raises from home? I have pull up rings that I can do them from, or an Equalizer (which is not the same, but still hard as hell). 
I find hanging leg raises really tough on my left shoulder - I have a cyst that rubs against my tendon and joint in there, so certain exercises bring on pain there and this is definitely one of them. As do barbell overhead presses, other shoulder exercises and wide push-ups. Thus is life - modifications are always our friend when exercising! 

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  1. I do hanging leg raises, resting my elbows on special handles. If I do this exercise like Zuz, I swing like a pendulum backward-forward. As I know it's bad form..(