Thursday, January 21, 2016

BR.TV Intermediate Workout #3 is LIVE, Zuzka Does Kipping Burpees and One Arm Push Ups

OK, the latest Intermediate Workout is here with Lisa. I liked this one today. Looks like a good cash out or to be repeated a couple of times for a damn good sweat. It would be fine without a vest on too. I am a fan of jumping rope so I was biased to like this one. :)

What did you guys think? A LOT of jumping yet again, but Lisa is known for these kinds of workouts. She admits that she likes these kinds of routines the best in her own life. She is a HIIT girl. If you look at the difference between Edith's and Lisa's bodies you can tell that Lisa is more of a cardio girl and Edith is more of a weight lifting girl. Nothing is wrong with either one - just depends on your own likes and what you want your own body to look like.

One more workout tomorrow with Edith and week one - cardio week - will be done. They are not listing the exercises in written form along with the videos and I wish they would do that. They used to.....

I wonder if next week will be the strength week or the balance and agility week? I think I will personally prefer those workouts to the cardio ones. I am sure the weekends are rest days.

Also, if you notice that the workouts are 12 minutes, BUT there is a warm up, cool down and bonus that you could add to the 12 minutes (for a FEE) that makes the workouts longer (approximately 30 min - thank you Karoline). If any of you are paying for the workouts, I would love to hear from you.
I also noticed that these bonuses, etc are NOT part of their BR Plus. So it is an additional fee even if you are a Plus member.....interesting.....

OK, I know I say that Zuzka works out more than just her ZGym routines, but I say that because she is always showing us stuff that she is working on that is NOT part of her workouts - Kipping Burpees, Handstand Push-ups, and ONE ARM push-ups!
These things take TIME, practice and burn a sh*t load of fat and calories! She is getting fit on more than 20 minutes a day - IMO. Not that it matters, but both Zuzka and BR are a bit misleading with their claims on short workouts. Again this is MY opinion, so take it or leave it.
You can scroll through some of Zuzka's videos to see what I mean:

I don't know about any of you, but I find Zuzka's strength inspiring, not intimidating. I also think that she learns these kinds of exercises FAR easier than most of us, but then again, that's what makes her famous! If she was regular she wouldn't be. :)

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