Sunday, January 24, 2016

BR.TV Has a Rest Day, Zuzka Has a Power Yoga Day and How in the World Would I Learn a One Arm Push-Up?!

Today is day 6 of BR's Intermediate Program, and it is a rest day.
Zuzkas's Power yoga Workout is also today, so an active rest day.
I did a little yoga this morning - only about 20 minutes before I went outside to shovel the 6 inches of snow we got! Thankfully it was light snow. :)

I have mentioned this FREE yoga workout before, and if you are an inversion or arm balance kind of yogi, you'll love it! It is short and sweet with lots of fancy poses:

Zuzka DOES have a video on how to learn how to do a one arm push-up, but I think it is only for ZGym members:

But here is another video I found that describes it another way. He doesn't describe the knee down version like Zuzka does, but he does have some helpful tips.

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  1. I used to do Zuzkas power yoga videos once á week (ish), but after I have started doing real life classes, yoga online, Beachbody yoga etc. I did her front slipt prep and I HATED it because the lack of flow. I would never turn to her for a yoga workout again (JMO)