Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Another Rest Day From BR.TV, Zuzka's BenchMark Workout and Her Latest Lifted Butt Series!

BR.TV had another rest day yesterday. Lets see what they come up with for us today!

Zuzka posted her Benchmark workout yesterday. I haven't done this one in a while and the pistols are what KILL me:

Workout Breakdown:
1. Hand Release Push Ups x 5
2. Competition Burpees x 10
3. Jump Lunge x 30 alt
4. Pistols x 20 alt
5. Everest Climbers x 60 alt.
6. Air Squats x 40

She also posted her latest Lifted Butt Series, and My GOD this looks killer on your legs!

Workout Breakdown
1. KB pendulum to KB swing x 10 Beast or 20 reps with medium size KB
2. Elevated deadlift  (3 pulses) x 10 beast or 20 reps with medium size KB
3. Tippy toe wide squat x 10
4. One leg deadlift 5/5 Beast or 10/10 reps with medium size KB
5. One arm KB swing with medium size bell x 20
6. Tippy Toe Wide squat x 10
7. Weighted Kneeling hip raises x 10 with beast (20 reps with medium size KB) fold towels under your knees
8. weighted Hip raises – 20x knees hip width, 20 x knees wide apart, 20 x short lifts knees apart
9. Tippy Toe Wide squat x 10
10. Reverse Squat to deadlift x 10 heavy or 20 reps with medium size KB
11. Curtsy lunge with medium KB x 20 alt.
12. Tippy Toe Wide Squat x 10
2 rounds for time

She did 2 rounds of this is under 25 minutes. :) Who is gonna beat her?

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