Tuesday, January 26, 2016

BR.TV Intermediate Program, Week 2, Day 1

Well, how is everyone liking it so far? I'm not sure what to make of these core, stability, workouts, but I DO like that BR takes chances on things to see what does and doesn't work for it's community.

I'm not sure how intermediate these seem - but then again I am not a newbie, so it's harder for me to judge.

Today was with Edith, and I so like her bubbly personality. I also LOVED what she was wearing!

My only thought - and we will see if it changes as the week goes on - that if this is supposed to be stability/balance work, then shouldn't there be things like stability ball work, bird dog, super girl planks, 1 legged deadlifts and the like? Right?


  1. I'm still on the beginner bootcamp, but this one looks fun and I'm looking forward to it. It looks just the right level for me. I'd like to see more like this. When I started, I liked doing all the different types of workouts they had me doing. I think the beginner bootcamp is set up as cardio, stability, strength, cardio, and then stretch as the 5 workouts each week. I'm now planing to do Strong Curves 4 days a week, and I'll just do the cardio and stability ones on my 3 off days. Gina, I was wondering, since you do Get Glutes and you prefer the strength workouts from Bodyrock and Zuzka, how do you work them in? Do you do a strength finisher after a Get Glutes day and yoga and jump rope on non lifting days?

  2. I always do yoga on my non lifting days and sometimes might add in a finisher. I rarely do BR workouts usually just Zuzka, and even hers I typically take an exercise or 2 and incorporate it in, not just do her workouts. I hope that makes sense!

  3. I did day 1 and 2 of this agility week and I don't feel like they are intermediate, I qualify them beginners workout. They still have a cardio part (tap on the step) which I modify because it's too noosy for my neighboors. I'm not impressed by the choice of exercice in the program. I train but I don't have fun (compared with Zuzka routines)