Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Latest Workouts from BR.TV, Another Nutrition Post and Protein Advice from Bret!

So day 2 of BR's latest challenge is here. I have seen days 1-4 now - I got it as a Plus Member.

Day 2 is with Kristin. It was a fairly good workout. I didn't like the Football shuffle to plank move at all. I loved how she did Bulgarian split squats - I love that exercise. KILLS me every time.
Day 3 is with Lisa again, and it is cardio and abs.
Day 4 is with Sean. I liked this workout the best - 4 exercises that you repeat. He mentions his vest is a bit heavier (but how much heavier?) and that it is for guys. Geez, sexist statement if I've ever heard one!

What are you guys thinking of it so far?

I have also noticed that Kelsey has been missing. I haven't seen her do any blog posts or comments on FB in a while now. I wonder if they will have her come back at all.

Here is one of the latest articles I did for BR.TV:

Here is an article on Flexible Dieting and High Protein Foods from my favorite, Bret:


It's a GREAT read!

I don't see that the step is part of BR.TV's list of equipment that they sell? You can get one here though:


  1. Great post on BR I would request another one if I can, I know that my breakfast are low in protein but sometimes I don't know exactly what to add to increase my protein intake. Can you do a post on specific examples of morning protein? (no steak please ;-)

    1. STEAK! Kidding. How about eggs and turkey bacon? Oatmeal mixed with a banana and egg whites makes a great pancake. Milk mixed with protein powder is another good one. There are lots of recipes out there for protein muffins and pancakes - you might like that route as well. Hope that helps!