Thursday, June 4, 2015

Freddy lets us know why Zuzka was on their new web-site and the latest workout from Z herself

So.....Freddy posted this yeterday on his FB page about why Zuzka has been showing up on their new web-site:

I guess you can't really not expect glitches when switching things over. I know my husband does this kind of stuff for a living, and believe it or not I used to, and computers are a funny thing. Though we would have test servers for new web-sites before ever letting them go live. BUT - that was for a 3000 person company too.

I had just mentioned that there was nothing about Kelsey lately and there she is with a comment......

What are you guys thinking about the latest challenge and the latest web-site?

Here is another post I did for BR.TV:

MORE new bathing suits on Zuzka on her FB page?!?!? And how did you guys like her latest beginner workout. This is one of my favs that she has done in a while. GREAT to do more rounds than she suggests and simple enough to make it easier or harder. /

Workout Breakdown
1. Weighted forward back lunge 10/10
2. Diagonal Weighted Swing Squat 10/10
3. One arm plank alternating x 20
4. Side Lunge to upright row x 20
5. Skull crusher Toe Touch x 20

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