Saturday, June 6, 2015

Day 5 from BR.TV, Zuzka's 5 minute Friday Workout, Her Emotional Eating and Latest Bathing Suit, More Posts I Did for BR

What did you guys think of BR's workout with Kristin yesterday? I thought it was just OK. Not a fan of the punching and the suicide drills. I LOVED her pants though! Her and Lisa have some of the greatest workout stuff. I did love Kristin's pike push-up move and they squat thruster.
I believe today is a rest day.

What about Zuzka's latest 5 minute workout?
Workout Breakdown
1. Donkey kick push up
2. Ab splitters
3. Pancake burpees
4. Plank heel lift to side kick – L
5. Plank heel lift to side kick – R
I liked it OK - I doubt that half the population can manipulate themselves to do the pancake burpees though. And this was very plank based. 
Z did another video clip on her FB page with yet ANOTHER new bathing suit, and Jesus does she look effing ah-mazing! 

Z also posted something about emotional eating and put a pic of herself with a brownie and stated how hard it was NOT to eat it. 
She got a wrath of sh*t for doing that and almost everyone told her to cut it out and eat the damn brownie. What did you guys think? I know she was making a point about emotional eating with that pic and statement, but probably a bad choice. She shoulda picked another way to go about it. This was off the mark - IMO. 

Last, but not least!
Here are a couple more posts I did for BR:


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    1. I just sent it. Sorry about that. It went to spam and Idk why, but you should have it now!