Monday, June 8, 2015

BR.TV Challenge Day 8 and Zuzka's Newest Schedule

So what did you guys think of day 8 with BR? It is Kristin again. So far no Karim! I thought he was part of it too? Sean is on for tomorrow.
This workout was just another OK. I haven't been all that impressed yet - I think it is because it is so mish-mashed. Lisa does this, Sean does that, and Kristin does something else. I think they needed to work together and bring a more organized set of workouts to us. But that's me. Sean's workout tomorrow looks pretty good - I like his as they are the most strength based with the least amount of fancy foot work and/or choreography!!!!!

Zuzka posted this weeks worth of workouts and yep, another new bikini!

I know a lot of you are really enjoying her summer shred program as the workouts are longer. That should tell her something - she should have most of her workouts be at least 20 minutes. People seem are much more pleased.

  • Monday

    Summer Shred #7 X (New in ZGYM)
  • Tuesday

    Summer Shred #8X (new in ZGYM)
  • Wednesday

    Beginner Strength # 4 (new in ZGYM)
  • Thursday

    Summer Shred #7 X (beat your personal best)
  • Friday

    5 Minute Workout #38 - Cardio & Legs (new in Fitness)
  • Saturday

    Summer Shred #8 X (Beat your personal best)
  • Sunday

    Postural Therapy #7 - Shoulders (New in ZGYM)

I hit a PR for myself - SIX weighted pull-ups with a 15 lb weight belt! YIPEE. 


  1. I've been following the zgym 2 a day schedule and on the days were its yoga or 5 min workouts I do the new stuff from bodyrock. I didn't stretch for 2 days in a row and my glutes and the back of me r killing me. I will.never make this mistake again !!

  2. She may advertise for Victoria Secret's swimwear!

  3. Yeah, today's workout on BRTV was just okay for me, too. I am kind of finding it weird that the workouts are coming into my inbox so late in the day, but I'm not too bothered by it. I've been modifying the workouts to be a bit longer so they're about 48 minutes long, and when working them tough enough (usually with high knees in between each exercise) they end up being enough of a workout. I've already lost a half-inch off my waist (and elsewhere, but my waist is my gauge), but a lot of that has had to do with changes in diet, as well. Which is needed when wanting to pare down (or build up) anyway. "Eat to support your training", as Lisa says, I guess. :)

    1. I think the emails come at whatever time zone you are in:) mine come in the morning which is a little funny for me because I have to workout in the afternoon lol- too bad you & I couldn't switch lol:)

      I too believe what we eat has everything to do with the change that happens:)

  4. So is Karim in the plus bonus rounds or something?