Thursday, June 11, 2015

The latest from BR.TV and Zuzka's Beginner Workout and Latest Bikini

Is it just me or does after waiting all this time for BR's next challenge, it seems anti-climatic?

Today is finally a day with Karim. Lisa's last workout was only abs again - ughhhhh.
But I like Karim -he is nice to watch from a woman's point of view. :)  I liked his attitude too. It was kinda cute. He was totally out of breath too! I think that vest must make it harder on the jump moves.
I wasn't a huge fan of the workout - again just a lot of jumping around your living room.

Zuzka posted her latest beginner workout and I liked this one:

Workout Breakdown
1. Backward lunge alt.
2. Deadlift to upright row
3. Front squat
4. plank knee tucks
5. weighted clams left
6. weighted clams right
7. one leg toe touches alt
8. bridge

What did you guys think? Sometimes I have mentioned that she goes overboard for beginners, but I also know she is doing as it as a progression. She also has ANOTHER new bikini. Geez- how much disposable income does this woman have to spend on bathing suits?!?!?!?

I also notice that Zuzka often shows still pics of herself without her legs showing. I think it is because her quads are SO muscular, she looks leaner in shots not showing them - but that is just my guess.


  1. Maybe I was just really excited for the challenge that the first week was ~awesome~ while this week is only ok thus far. Since I don't have the Plus, this will be my first workout with Karim and I already see what you're talking about, lol.

    I didn't mind all abs with Lisa on Day 10, but I was glad for a balance of lower body for a bonus -- again, since I don't have Plus, I came up with a short routine to work it out. I don't really workout ~just~ abs so it was different in a relatively good way. One of my favorite workouts to this day remains the Sweet Nothing hiitcore workout with Lisa from ages ago.

    1. I also like the sweat nothing workout!!!