Monday, June 1, 2015

BR.TV's Newest Challenge Starts Today, BR has a new web-site, They ARE Filming Another Challenge, Zuzka's Latest Schedule

So - did anyone do the first workout with Lisa today?! Finally new workouts from BR! What did you guys think?

BR.TV has a NEW web-site, but I could not find this workout on it. It looks like to me - that you HAVE to sign up via email and have it delivered to you or you cannot participate. I don't like that change at all. It should be right up there on the web-site, don't you think?
And as a Plus Member I thought I was supposed to get them first, and I only got day 1.... anyone else?

Their new web-site thought is easier to navigate and has tabs for workouts, challenges, their store, and other tabs for their blog posts on health, beauty, sex, style, etc.

I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, but there are lots of shots of ZUZKA on BR's new web-site!! How weird is that?

Here is one shot that I found, and it was not the only one! Mind you this one is WITH Freddy.  This was under Challenges.

Under Workouts I saw this where there are TWO pics of Zuzka. These are with her dark hair. Huh? I don't get it. Why are there so many pics of her?

On yet some of their other pages there were again more pics of Z. 

On another note, I found this on Sean's FB page. They ARE filming yet another 30 day challenge while this one is going on. Here is Jacqui again. Is she Sean's girlfriend? I saw another post with Sean kissing her. I couldn't tell if it was for fun or for real - or both! She reminds me a bit of Melissa Ioja.

I think Zuzka must have gone out and bought herself 10 new bathing suits! 
She is posing in them like crazy these last couple of weeks. Again, if I had her body, I would too.
Though I did have 2 different women in the last couple of days tell me they would be naked all the time if they had my body. Ha, ha, ha! Good to hear I suppose. :) 

Workout Schedule

  • Monday

    Summer Shred #5 X (New in ZGYM)
  • Tuesday

    Summer Shred #6 X (new in ZGYM)
  • Wednesday

    Beginner Strength # 3 (new in ZGYM)
  • Thursday

    Summer Shred #5 X (beat your personal best)
  • Friday

    5 Minute Workout #37 – Cardio & Abs (new in Fitness)
  • Saturday

    Summer Shred #6 X (Beat your personal best)
  • Sunday

    Postural Therapy #6 – Feet & Ankles (New in ZGYM)

Are you guys missing her yoga workouts at all? Are the Summer Shred ones still longer in length? 


  1. I have the first 3days I think since Friday or Saturday. I think you'll like Kristen's workout. Its to bad there won't be anymore videos w her after this challenge.

  2. I have the first 3days I think since Friday or Saturday. I think you'll like Kristen's workout. Its to bad there won't be anymore videos w her after this challenge.

  3. BR new website is awful, so many adds I don't like it at all, may 404 errors and pictures of Zuzka?? Come on, what are they doing?

  4. Yes,. the summer shred workouts are still longer, today's workout #5 was 25 min. Great workout

  5. I noticed that too about Zuz's pics on BR. Freddy is SO passive-egressive. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he put them up just to piss her off (as I think he owns the company himself now).

  6. Not crazy about day 1. Lisa's poor form on most of the exercises kept me more entertained than the workout itself. Not trying to be mean, but she should put more emphasis on proper form! Intensity is great, but not if you're sloppy.
    We'll see what the rest of the challenge brings.

  7. I loved Day 1 workout & I added skipping in between each exercise:)

  8. I asked freddy on facebook why the new site has pictures of zuzka on it. Here is his answer:

    Freddy - BodyRock.Tv
    June 2 at 3:31pm

    Because before she was that she was Zuzana Light and a host. The site is pulling up old content erroneously.

    1. Hmmmm... interesting, You woulda thought they would make sure that did not happen. I am impressed you asked!

    2. The caption on the video of Sean and Jacqui kissing was "Trying to get a kiss pic for the blog. It helps when you are in love." So I'm guessing they are a confirmed item :)