Friday, December 12, 2014

Zuzka's Guns &Pistols #3, Body Crush #3, More of my posts are coming this weekend to, What about Carbs? And A Surprise!

Did you guys have a chance to check out Zuzka's workouts? Guns & Pistols #3 I just loved! I loved that there was a push/pull/leg/cardio mix. Yahoo! But bent over rows with 6 lb dumbbells? Unless you are a raw beginner or have an injury, WAY too light. Zuzka has those back muscles using 6 lb dumbbells? It's like false advertising! Sigh..... but regardless this workout is great. I plan on doing it over the weekend. She only uses a jump rope and dumbbells here.

Zuzka also made a funny comment about her big butt pants that she was wearing during this workout. Not her normal attire, but the pants do look super comfy and I want a pair! It drives me nuts when she wears tank tops and then rolls them up to show off her abs. Either wear a tank top, or wear a sports bra. She has done this for years, and I am not just a fan of the look. 

Zuzka also has Body Crush #3 posted which is a repeat workout and all body weight moves. This is not one of my favorites - I'm not a kick boxing person, so I don't like those type of exercises. I don't think there is anything wrong with it, I just don't like it. I did however love the elbow plank hip pendulum to side plank leg lift exercise. I am awful at it! I'm always awful when I first try a new exercise. But then I practice and get better. I'm not athletically inclined (Zuzka definitely is) - if you throw a ball at me, I will duck, not catch it - LOL. So exercises can take me more than once to catch on. And I'm OK with that. I like to get out of my comfort zone. It pushes me and I like it. 

Zuzka also did a beauty post of her with a short bob. I DO like this look very much! Sometimes these posts annoy me because they are not fitness or nutrition focused, but I do think her hair looks quite good here. she of course is lucky enough to have one of the top hair dressers in Hollywood. Hmmmm......

Lisa got 600,000 likes as of yesterday. What an accomplishment! I am happy for her. She has worked hard for that. And I love this picture of Lisa and this caption:

So true, and I really like the caption up top that says no matter how slow, progress is still progress. I progress VERY slow at working out, but I keep at it. I have worked SO hard to gain strength and I find it empowering and I want to keep doing it. Each little bit counts. :) 

I think BR did another post with a picture of Zuzka (I think):

Didn't she do a cellulite coffee talk with this pic? I remember thinking -what cellulite!? Again, just surprised that they use pics of her. I also got an email from SweatFactor that I could get a free WarriorZ T-shirt with any Zuzka DVD order. SO WEIRD. It just doesn't seem right to be able to sell her work, but I guess it's all that legal stuff that gets in the way. 

Zuzka also doesn't sell anything other than her ZGym. I am sure that is making her plenty. She has an affiliate for Kettlebells - Dragon Door, but other than that, nothing else - yet! I loooove my Kettlebells! I couldn't live without them, or my jump rope, my yoga mat or pull-up bar. :) 

LOTS going on this weekend:

I've got 2 more posts coming that will be posted on as well as BR FB page - one tomorrow, and one on Sunday. Keep an eye out and give me a like! ;)

Zuzka's Power yoga + Lifted Butt Series is coming out and I can't wait to see these two put together. I am super interested in seeing how she pulls this off.

I found an interesting article about why low carb diets are in fact NOT always the best:
Read it and let me know what you think! I follow this guy on FB and always enjoy reading his stuff.

I have a short workout coming for you guys over the weekend as part of my FitNut, as well as surprise INTERVIEW with a new workout site that many of you might be super interested in, so stay tuned. :) 

And my eBook is still on sale for only 99 cents. :)


  1. I also really like that pic of Lisa I always wonder how if she just got breast augmentation how she has so much muscle I read no exercise for 8 weeks or something and compared to last year she's got a lot more muscle. I thought the same thing when I saw that on the dailyhiit they have plenty of models. Maybe just to tick her off a little. I always wonder if they visit each others website or yours. Some of the things Lisa's said in her talk before the workout or her post have made me think she reads your blog.

    1. I wonder if she reads it too sometimes!

  2. I Can't wait for all these surprises lol lovin ur blog on the daily hiit x

  3. I have noticed BR have used pictures of other fitness girls with no permission. That´s rude. I guess they own those old Zuzka pictures, so that´s fine, although a bit weird. =D

    And what comes to the back muscles... I have a back which looks quite muscular even though I don´t do crazy much pulling exercises or use really heavy weights. (15 pounds tops.) It´s a gene thing, and Zuzka must be similar like me. =D Btw, I have really enjoyed those improved ZWOW´s, I will definately try them out!

    1. Tx Irene. You naturally muscular girls make me so jealous!! :)