Thursday, December 11, 2014

ZWOW#3, BR Lean Day 5, My Second Post with is now live! Zuzka did a LIVE Twitter chat tonight - did you see it?

Zuzka posted her new and improved ZWOW#3 today. There were many things I really liked about this workout and some things that I did not.
I loved that it was longer! The jump lunges into jump squats I would do without the jumps and do them weighted, but there's nothing wrong with the way she did it. I just prefer weights over jumping. I loved the superman/push-up/bird dog. I do these in my Core class and will do them again! I liked the elevated lunge to forward lunge - BUT - she does these very quickly and the elevated lunge or Bulgarian Split Squat is a difficult exercise - even on the balance, so doing it this quickly can lead to error and knee pain. The skater jumps I think are more effective just going to side to side with out the added knee up.
But I will do this one too while on vacation. :) I liked it enough to do it. A lot of Zuzka's routines are straight forward enough to modify with your own variations. I really like that about her workouts.

BR Lean day #5 with Kelsey is posted. I liked this one too. I am excited to have one more week with her next week!
Today was full body. Gorgeous arms on Kelsey - LOVE them and want them. :)
She did a lot of arms and legs together which I don't normally like, but she was working inner thigh's with biceps. Not full on squats or deadlifts with bicep curls, so I like that better.
She did around the world with triceps holding in a mini-squat. Not bad either. This again was not having the squat as the main focus. Doing things like squats or lunges with arm work often doesn't make sense as the legs can handle so much more weight.
She uses the HIIT Bar Weights and the Sandbag in this workout. I really do want a Sandbag! (Among a million others things - sigh).
Loved the ab exercise she did and the 1 arm burpee. Gonna use those 2 in my core class tomorrow. :)
How have you guys liked working out with Kelsey this week?

M second post is now live on BR's FB page! :)    Scroll down and you'll see this:

Here's a link directly to the article as well:
Go ahead and check it out! I've got a couple more coming over the weekend.

Zuzka also did a live twitter chat tonight answering people's questions. In case you missed it, here it is:
You can read a lot of the conversations on there if you're interested. I liked this conversation:


  1. I've really, really enjoyed Kelsey's workouts this week. I hope Bodyrock Lean and Kelsey are here to stay. Maybe I was just in need of a new program and some new energy but it's been really fun and I'm very much looking forward to Day 5 and next week.

    Also, I have to say, your blog posts on thedailyhiit are seriously BOSS. Nicely done, Gina!! A huge high five to you.

    I also like that Zuzka suggested adding more weight if jumping isn't an option for some. I found the same to work rather effectively during the worst parts of my foot injury (which has gotten better; I still have to be careful but jumping, high knees, and most all else are pretty doable now).

    1. AHHH!! Thank you so much Lindsey! :) I hope BR Lean and Kelsey stick around. I too like the change of routine. Glad to hear your foot is on the mend.

  2. I've been doing Zuzka power yoga videos all week after my workout and I love 5&6. What's her name by the way is it Zuzka or zuzanna? The fake Bob hairdo she did was really cute too but I didn't understand the discription very well. By the way I been taking you advise redoing the hiitmax the strength way and i m already seeing results. Its just really hard I have trouble picking up my son later lol. Is there any workout pants and sports bras you like besides lulumon. Like Nike or anything just curious I have a few from target and there getting really worn and I want to ask my husband for some for Christmas

    1. Her name is Zuzana, but during her divorce she changed her name to Zuzka. I always wondered why and if it was a nick name that Jesse called her. SOOOO glad you are seeing results doing the workouts the strength way! That's great news. I have not tried Nike, but I do like Champion. I haven't had luck with Old Navy or VSX - they don't wash and wear as well - IMO.

    2. Hey,

      She did a video back in the BR days re: Zuzka. She said Zuzka is short for Zuzana like saying Suzy (Susie?) is for she has used this nickname for years, but I noticed once she split from Freddy, she seemed to use it all the time.

  3. Good to know I always like vsx leggings and sports bras. Thx for saving me from buying them. I hate when things get messed up in the wash