Friday, November 28, 2014

Zuzka's BodyCrush #9, Zuzka's DVDs are on SALE?! BR Plus, Booty Burn Out! Black Friday Fitness DEALS

Zuzka posted her Body Crush #9 workout which she said was an upper body workout. It was not at all what I expected. I thought it would be burpees, push ups, rows with a KB, triceps dips and shoulder presses - of some sort. It seemed more like a cardio ab workout to me.
Not that it was a bad workout, but I thought it was going to be something different. It looks like a great cash out to a workout - not long enough for me for a workout in itself.  Over the weekend we have yoga and a Tabata coming to us.

I got an email from Sweat Factor and they are having a Black Friday Sale on Zuzka's DVDs! I'm not sure what to make of that. I suppose it is good news for those of us who wants her DVDs. Probably not so good for Zuzka though. Seems a bit unfair.

What do you guys think of BR Plus? I just got it and I trying to figure it out right now. Do you guys think it is worth it? You are damn lucky if you got in a the $4.99 a month. It is now $7.99 and will be going up in January to $9.99. As I mentioned yesterday this is as much as ZGym.
I suppose even if you got both, it is only $20 a month. But that is as much as a gym membership. Actually lot of gyms in my area offer $10 a month memberships. Part of the point of working out from home is to be able to do it for free.
I like working out from home because it saves TIME. The drive back and forth to the gym ads on another 20-30 minutes, as does getting dressed for the gym. At home - it's me and my pjs. :)

Bret Contreras - as you know one of my favs - posted a booty burn out workout. I tried it this morning at the end of my workout (I used weights instead of bands) and OOUCH! Talk about a glute burn. :)

Try it and see how your booty feels!


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  1. I have both br and zuzka my honest opinion is br is worth it far more as there are so many updates n stuff however lets see about zgym hopefully fresh workouts n stuff 2 come :-) having says this which I don't understand is I just really got amazing results with jillian michaels :-) and it's since I got bored with repeating the DVDs and revolution programme I was on the search for something fresh - that I discovered br n zuzka. This is my point I am out of shape not blaming br or zuzka but short workouts just don't give me results I totally go smacked that zuzka does only these mmmm???? Getting lifting heavy is hopefully going to get me back in shape and clean up my diet and use br and z as "cash outs" by the way Gina I love ur blog :-)

    1. Thx Rachael - glad you like my blog! :) I appreciate your view points on Z, BR AND Jillian. It's always good to hear other people's perspectives. I bet you will like lifting heavy. It gets addicting.

  2. Oh what I meant by "stuff" is all the amazing guides bonus workouts :-)

  3. I am curious. I was doing bodyrock after i got bored with zuzkas super short workouts and started working out with rumi. Its nonstop...and free! I am confident this is the way i am going!

    1. I really enjoy her and her workouts. I still have a tendency to use HIIT as cash outs and focus on heavy lifting and yoga, but that's because of my body type. If I had more of a mesomorph body I'd probably do a lot more HIIT. I like Rumi's style a lot.

  4. Lol just watched about 5 of rumi workout to give me some ideas oh my I may be addicted and perfect for my new plan :-) it is so free and loads of longer workouts! So I don't need to think or get distracted :-)