Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! Zuzka's 5 Minute Workout, But how long is Z working out for? BR Day 50, BR Plus Price Increase, More BR Bloopers & New Hosts

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Are you thankful that you are able bodied enough to make it through these workouts?! I know I am.
And I'm thankful for my wonderful family, especially my 2 great kids, the roof over my head and the food in my fridge. :)

Zuzka's 5 Minute Workout was a repeat from her Six Pack Series from But a good one nonetheless.
I wonder when she is going to film new content. So far almost all of the workouts have been repeats. She is re-filming some old ones, and it's fine, but I'd like to see some brand new stuff too.

I saw this on Z's workout page on her web-site: This looks great and I am getting ready to go get it! I plan to do 4 rounds, though. Zuzka, how do you decide how many rounds to do? And is this how you do your workouts or do you do alot more rounds or do you “buy In and out” with exercises? I am going to warm up with 15 min of Sun Salutations and do a “buy in of 2min jump roping and 10 pull ups practicing the “negative” as I can not do pull ups yet. Perfect routine for me today as my boys are home from college and of coarse they are downstairs where I workout.
Thank you for answering,   Tracey

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    Hi Tracey, I do EXACTLY the same amount of rounds as you guys do. These videos are my workouts :) I do not hold anything back. I try to keep my workouts short but intense so anything over 20 minutes is way too long for me.

Plus the pull-up practice she does through-out the day as well as the handstand/arm balancing practice. Zuzka also has some very fancy foot work with jumping rope, so she must be practicing that too. You can't just pick up a jump rope and do double unders , cross overs, etc,. I know, I know - I'll stop. But had to make my point. :) 

BR Posted Day #50! Last day of workouts with Lisa until Jan 1. But Freddy did post this on his FB page: Finished up a 2 week series with BodyRocker Kelsey. We love having members of our community up to our studio to shoot workouts. She did a fantastic job! Workouts will be up in early December!

Lisa mentioned that new hosts will be coming in Dec too. They are putting together the RTC for download for the BR Plus members. I was wondering what their monthly cost was going to cover. There will be new guides coming out as well. So it looks like Plus members will be getting their money's worth. :) 

HOWEVER - the price is going up! BR Plus was $4.99. Now it is $7.99. It is going up to $9.99. The same price as ZGym. Their core workouts are still free, but I still find this price increase a bit interesting.

Back to day 50 - I liked this one more than any other workout this week. Full body - lots of strength moves. You had an option of skipping or doing step ups. I think I would opt to alternate between the 2 because I love to jump rope, and I love step ups. 
Lisa shows 2 variations of the touch center jumps - an easier and harder version. She rarely ever does this and just goes all out. 
The bent over rows and flies I would make as 2 separate movements. You can row significantly more weight than you can reverse fly. 
The squat and press is done a lot throughout the whole HIIT Max series, so maybe trying an overhead squat. They can be tricky so you would need to feel comfortable with it. 

There were some bloopers at the end of Day 50. I wonder if they will be kept there this time or if the video will be edited. 

Lisa also did this funny little talk at the end about her pants being too high waisted. It was pretty funny. I don't like my pants too high waisted either - but I have a short torso, so it makes me look like I am wearing granny pants. But then again if I wear them too low I feel like I have plumbers butt. LOL. Sigh....the horrible problems of workout pants. Kidding. But it was a cute little rant. 

I look forward to seeing some changes in December. I know many of you will miss Lisa, but I think she deserves a break. I like variety anyways. I'm curious to see Kelsey lead us through a workout. 
I wonder if new workouts will be posted on Monday. 

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