Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Killer Thanksgiving Day Workout, Zuzka's Guns & Pistols #1, BR Day #49, Lisa Edited Her Video!

I recommend you do this workout the morning of Thanksgiving to elevate your metabolic rate for the day. Then go enjoy your favorite foods! Back on track tomorrow.

I typically do not recommend doing this type of workout more than once a week as it is TOO metabolic - IMO. But good for the day of a feast. Also, remember it is not ONE day of bad eating that will make you gain weight - it is eating poorly for the whole holiday season. So enjoy the one day and keep it at that. :)

I also read something today that really resonated with me. STOP working out for fat loss. START working out for strength and you will see far greater results. It's so true! Constantly doing random workouts with out keeping track of your progress isn't going to get you very far unless you are already in maintenance mode. Tracking your workouts and trying to consistently progress over time will give you a better body over time.

Thanksgiving Day WORKOUT:
Start the workout with 2 minutes of jump rope.

Rest one minute, then perform these 6 exercises in a row for 1 minute each. Do as many reps as possible in the one minute. NO rest between exercises. Repeat for 3 rounds. 1 minute rest between rounds.

Kettlebell Swings
Squat into an overhead press (can use 2 dumbbells, 2 KB's, or one holding it at chest with both hands, or use one and switch arms at the 30 second mark)
Pull Ups (Inverted Rows, Bent Over Rows, KB Rows switching sides at the 30 sec mark, broomstick between chairs, etc)
V Ups
Sumo DeadLift High Pull (with dumbbells, KB's, or Sandbag)
Box Jumps (or Tuck Jumps if you do not have a Step to jump on)

END the workout with 50 Full Burpees (meaning include the push up - on your knees is fine too).

The workout will take about 30 minutes. ENJOY. Let me know how you did. :)

It is a pretty brutal workout, I wanted to video it but my other kiddo is sick! She's been taking turns sleeping on me or my husband all day.

Zuzka posted her Guns & Pistols workout #1. A great workout and I loved the pic she posted of herself with this one.

I have a hard time during this workout with the one arm press ups  - on my lower back. Does anyone else? How about superman pose (to work the back muscles) into a one arm press up? Makes it total body. :)
I think 3 rounds with some added back work would make this a fantastic workout.
Those damn pistols on my long legs. I sometimes get discouraged that I won't ever be able to fully do them. I'm close - I can go all the way down and back up IF I push off the floor with my hands.
Someone made a comment that Z needed new exercises - that Pistols were getting old. I disagree.
I LIKE repeating exercises. That's how you get better! Different variations, reps, sets, weights, etc is necessary, but new moves are not.

Zuzka also posted her Pumpkin Bar Recipe:

Again - she uses Almond Flour and I don't like to use it because it is SO high in calories. I wonder if oat flour would work in its place. They do look yummy though.
Here's an interesting read on the various types of flours that some of you might find helpful:

Tomorrow we get a new 5 minute workout. I always like these little workouts that Z puts together. I'm curious what she has in store for us.

BR Posted Day #49. The name of the workout in itself made me almost drool (LOL) - Huge Calorie Burn, Real Time Weighted Workout. I like the fitness title of this workout a lot.
For you cardio junkies - what did you think of this workout? It should be just as tough for you IF you use heavy enough weight.
I liked this workout. Only one pulling exercise, but better than none. Very upper body dominant which a lot of Lisa's workouts are. But no silly moves! :)

Lisa used a lot of equipment as well: The Equalizer, The Step, Adjustable Dumbbells (BR has not used these in a LONG time) and the HIIT Bar weights. I would love a set of the adjustable dumbbells but they are expensive.

Adding another back exercise (reverse flies perhaps) and another leg exercise (hip thrusters would be my choice or 1 legged deadlifts) would make this one a fantastic workout (of course IMO).
3 rounds and you have a great strength workout.

One thing about strength workouts though - they shouldn't necessarily be timed in a 40/10 fashion.
Doing prescribed reps works better - sets of 8-12 for instance. If you can do 12 with ease you need to increase the weight.

I should mention that Lisa still does a great job at trying to motivate all of us. I think she works hard at it, and enjoys it. I also keep meaning to mention her tan. How is she so tan? Tanning cream? Tanning salon?

I wish that either Zuzka or BR posted a Thanksgiving day workout, but then I realized I was being selfish! Not all of us are American - Zuzka nor Lisa nor Freddy are from the US. Duh! But again I wanted to see one for self serving reasons. Ha ha.

Lisa or someone from BR edited day #48 to exclude the blooper. I so loved it!
She wrote:
Lisa-Marie BodyRock.Tv Host no theres a part in it that shouldn't have been there ... lol I really found filming this workout hard as I was 60+ videos in and really pushing my tired body through the last few days ... the co-ordination was so hard to get for some reason on a move i do all the time ... #human
She shoulda kept it in there. I even posted that on her FB page. It really was adorable.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it. Enjoy!


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    1. Oat, cocinut or spelt depending on what I am making. I might experiment with some others. I've tried garbanzo and quinoa flour and yuk! Too strong of a taste.

    2. Lol. Happy Thanksgiving eve!!!I hope your kiddo feels better tomorrow

    3. Thank u! And you too, ☺️