Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Zuzka has another giveaway, BR Day #47, Lisa has a little melt down! and more from Bret Contreras

Zuzka posted another giveaway: Ellavage skincare products! http://bit.ly/EllavageGiveaway

There was an interesting conversation about it on her FB page:

Doesn't Zuzka do all 3 that this woman is saying BR does? I don't think it is necessarily a bad thing. Though I don't think Zuzka uses sex anymore to sell fitness, she is selling a sexy image. 

Zuzka also did a 'fashion haul' type of post about hair. She hasn't done one in a while now:

Her hair actually looked great. It did look like a promotion for the salon, but not sure why? Maybe doing a friend a favor? 
And is she doing all these giveaways for more publicity? 

I also saw this posted on another FB page about ZGym:

Hello Fit Ladies, How are you guys doing with the ZGYM/Sweat Factor issue? Sweat Factor is charging me the monthly payment, while Zuzka's support email says she has nothing to do with Sweat Factor.
Did anyone of you face this situation? How did you get the membership cancelled from Watch It Now TV/Sweat Factor?
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  • Katja Bruehlmann-Kisseleff Hi
    I logged in on sweat factor and cancelled there my monthly membership, had no problems so far. Good luck
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  • Iv Why I lost $20 in the transition, but I got my subscription cancelled I guess, it says when I log in that they stopped billing.

I'm surprised that some people are still having this issue. I think it is now pretty clear that they are 2 separate entities. Though the person who lost $20 I'm not sure I understand. Zuzka should honor two months for them - IMO. 

BR Posted Day #47:
This was abs day. I loved all the moves except the super silly 1-2-3 shuffle move. ICK! Even Lisa had trouble with it and she go SO aggravated on camera. It made me belly laugh. I loved it. I am not being mean or picking on Lisa at all here. I thought it was so real and she was so cute here. More bloopers please BR!!! That was fantastic. Would love to see them.

Lisa moved onto swings which was the strength move - but again on other days they say it is a cardio move. I think it is cardio as well unless you are doing them super heavy.

And.... drum roll..... NO push ups! :)

I really liked the side plank move too - I do this one in my yoga/core classes and LOVE them.
There was a little glimpse of the burn out at the end of the video that look pretty enticing.

Also , no more weighted vest these days. That was short lived. I wonder why? I think some people just find it annoying and too hot to wear.

I read this on Bret's blog today and I LOVE this. How true it is!

Just because a lifter doesn't have good leverages for an exercise doesn't mean that the exercise isn't beneficial for him or her. In 5 years of testing subjects in EMG activity, I've learned that many lifters receive the highest muscle activation from lifts that they're relatively weak at. A lifter with proportionately long femurs probably won't be the best squatter out there, but his or her quads will have to work very hard to extend the knees in a squat even if the loads don't seem that impressive. Learn to appreciate exercises based on how hard they work the muscles, not by how strong you are at them compared to colleagues.


  1. I always enjoy there bloopers too. I can only imagine hanging out w your bf and brother all day lol. I agree makes her come off very real I also really enjoy the hair post I think the comment the person made was a Lil rude. Who doesn't love free stuff all kinds of you tubers have giveaways. And the whole using sex to sell I don't feel like either of them are to sexy anymore . myself personally, when I see a girl who has a nice body it always puts me in a good mood. I like all the new stuff I see Zuzka doing prob. Gonna harass my husband to renew my suscription tonight

    1. I meant overly sexy not that there not sexy there both beautiful girls

    2. I also didn't mean good mood I messed up a lot . I mean to me there not overly sexy pictures of both Zuzka and Lisa always put me in the mood to workout. I'd love to be as ripped as either of them. I've been truing really hard to watch the sweets so we will see

    3. Harrass your hubby and let me know how you make out! LOL. Sweets are my downfall too.

    4. He got it for me and I really like her new site when the whole thing w watch it now happened I was upset and left a few rude comments I take it all back now clearly dumping them was what was best!! There's just personality all over it. She also responds to people .

  2. I like beauty products. I won her cardio dvd Instagram give away back in 2012. I might sign up for this one.

    1. Did you? That's great! I think the giveaways are kinda cool.

  3. The video for Day #47 on BR wasn't up last night/this morning so I did an ab/lower body/cardio today instead.

    I do want to see the video so I can see Lisa's reaction, lol. It's nice to see that side of the team, IMO. Workouts are fun but they certain moves can also be annoying as hell lol

    1. I think Lisa took it down and had an edited version put up! I'm sad. It was a great blooper - and not in a bad way.