Monday, November 24, 2014

Zuzka's Schedule For the Week, BodyCrush #8, Cardio Shred #2 BR Day #47, Freddy is looking for new bloggers, Heavy Strength Training Day

Zuzka DID post the weekly schedule late last night (well it was after my bedtime). But then I was up all night with a sick kiddo. Poor thing.

Here is the schedule:

I am not sure that I understand why SOME of these workouts are posted earlier than others? I think it is because some are newly recorded while others are not? 

Body Crush #8 is a fantastic workout! It is missing a pull exercise - and I do know that it is not necessary to have a pull exercise in every workout. Both both Z and BR have a push exercise in every workout. So for full body it needs a pull. But LOVED this workout a lot. All of the exercises appeal to me - except maybe the Ab Splitters. HA! But that's because it is so hard on my long legs and short torso.
(I actually recorded myself doing dive bombers the other day and I looked ridiculous. I'm going to try that again! But my torso is so short it looks odd when I do them. Zuzka pulls her long torso all the way through and it looks much more graceful.)  :) 
I remember Z mentioning her short arms so arm balances were hard because her arms can't even touch the ground. I could wrap my arms around my torso twice - kidding. But stuff like this does make a difference. Short arm are typically easier for  push ups, overhead pressing, KB Snatches and the like. Long arms are better for deadlifts and climbing exercises. 

Cardio Shred #2 is also posted and I do like this workout because it has a push and a pull. :) I'm not loving the kicking part - but again that's my bias. I'm not a kick boxing fan. There's nothing wrong with it - I just don't like it as a form of exercise for ME. But of course I love the Kettlebell and Jump Rope Work. :) 
Zuzka made this comment about the workout and it made me giggle. I like it when she lets her personality come through:

So I have totally messed up and I almost had a heart attack when I watched this workout again on my computer. I thought that maybe I have deleted something during editing, but nope. It looks like I just forgot to do Exercise Combo #4 on the other leg! I still can’t believe that it happened, and not because it can’t happen to anyone, but because I’m such a control freak when it comes to my workouts.
Do you know what it feels like , when you’re looking for something important and you go through your purse and can’t find it? So you go through your desk and then you go through your purse again and then again just to make sure, because you’re starting to feel desperate? Imagine me sitting by the computer and rewinding the video back and forth looking for the missing 10 reps and going completely crazy. It felt like the end of the world for just a moment before I realized the absurdity of this situation.
Unfortunately, it’s too late to fix the video, so you just have to do better than me, because now you know better. Make sure to pause the video and do the missing 10 reps of the One leg Kettlebell Deadlift (x2) to Side Kick (x2) in the first round, on the other leg, before you move on to the squat press jump.
I look forward to the new filming of the Guns & Pistols. Zuzka mentioned she was not going to refilm all the ZWOW's but she is going to do many of the other workouts as she has gotten a significant number of requests for G&P's, Tabata, Lifted Butt, Kettlebell beginner and advanced. So looks like we have lots of goodies coming our way. I hope she does throw in some totally new workouts as well. Does anyone remember her Crazy B*tch Burpee Workout? I think that is what it was called?

BR Posted Day #47. A pretty cool routine.
Lisa mentions that she wants to stick with the cardio move. She typically does for each workout - why? I personally think she should mix it up for her viewers and it gives the wrong impression of cardio over strength - IMO. She also rounds her too much in the cardio move. I want to lift her chest and squeeze her shoulder blades together.

The cardio move and the strength move are both good ones in this routine. I HAVE seen the bar used in the way Lisa suggests - the knee tbar obliques - they are called landmines, and when done at the gym you use a 45 lb bar with or without weights on it. That's the one thing I do not like about the HIIT Bar and Weights - too light!

Lisa also mentions that she keeps trying to bring us new moves, which I appreciate, BUT there are moves that are simply worth repeating! Otherwise how can we get better?

The deadlift, knee kick, shoulder raise exercise I almost loved. LOVED the deadlift part and the knee raise, but the shoulder part I did not. It distracts from the other part of the move where you might be able to go heavier and REALLY focus on those glutes. But a pulling exercise nonetheless. :)
She also did some crazy Equalizer move that looks great for the abs, but a bit wobbly. I think it would be better done on a Step?
It was not overdone on push ups for once! There was a pretty cool variation of one that Lisa did that I liked.

Freddy posted on his FB page that he is looking for bloggers, so if any of you are interested, send him a sample! Think if I applied he hire me? LOL. But I like a lot of the blogging stuff done for I find some of it quite interesting. :)

HIIT Maxx continues Jan 1st after this Friday, but Lisa says there is all new stuff for Dec. I wonder what that means? Maybe it is Kelsey, Sean, Edith, Rita etc? Does anyone know?

So I filmed part of my heavy strength training day today. I wanted to show the difference between strength and HIIT for those of you who are interested. Now I have access to a gym, and I'm lucky enough that I can do this kind of workout from home as well because I got some weights dirt cheap off of craigslist and I have a pull up bar. I know that not all of you do.
My biggest recommendation would be then is to get a sandbag. You could do deadlifts with it, squats, overhead presses, chest presses, hip thrusters, bent over rows and more. You can even just get the outer shell and fill it with sand or rice. Many hardware stores sell 50lb bags of sand for under $3.00! You could buy a few of them and make your own fillers to manipulate the weight in your bag.

The workout:

I performed 3 sets of each exercise before moving onto the next. Rest 30-60 seconds between sets, and then move right onto the next exercise. Go HEAVY, these are lower rep sets.

Dips - 6-8 reps (chest, shoulders, triceps) (could do chest presses or push ups instead)
Wide Grip Pullups - 6-8 reps (back and biceps) (could do 1 arm rows or bent over rows or broomstick pull ups instead)
DeadLifts - 5 reps (shown is 5 at 155 lbs) (hamstrings and back)
Hip Thrusters - 5 x 1.5 reps (shown is 5 at 230 lbs) (glutes)
Bulgarian Split Squats - 6 reps each leg (shown is 35 lbs) (legs and biceps)
Ended with 3 sets of single arm 55 lb Farmer Walks 50 steps (not shown) (abs, traps)
And Arm Balance practice for fun. :)


  1. As I wrote on Facebook (Karoline Bräuner ;)) I am gonna do this tomorrow :D Looking forward to try your strength training :D

  2. Sneaky!!! :)
    Have fun with the workout.

    1. Long story about my google account starting with a "secret agent event" a few years ago ;) Mentally prepping for pumping the iron ;)

  3. Wow, Gina, very good pull ups! My PB is 7 but with narrow grip. When I stop practice them for a montth and I drop to 5 reps. With my 90 day challenge I dont have time to do pull ups and I drop even to 3-4 reps. Most people don't have pull up bar at home and this limits back exercise I can film. Only row, pull over and from squat side raise. But pull ups are the king of back exercises. Year ago I remember it took me 40 days to do 1 pull up :D

    1. Thx Rumi! I have an affiliate link for a pull up bar that is under $30 - less than a pair of dumbbells! I always encourage people to get one for their home gyms. OR you can do the modified ones with a broomstick between two chairs - that's easy enough from home too and probably would give you another at home filming option. I love working on pull ups, but I hate squats! LOL.

  4. Pull up bar doesn't look appealing and people don't like it. I have table pulls in many workouts :)

    1. Big fan of your workouts Rumi :) <3

    2. People don't like them do they Rumi? I wonder why that is? Too hard? Too much of a pain to set up? I'd love to change that perception especially for women. I think table pull ups are an excellent way to go at home though. 😃

    3. I tought many Bularian women to do table pulls and now they want to have pull up bar. Women want to burn fat on belly, thighs and buttocks and pull ups don't look like exercise that will do the work lol Crunches always look like an exercise that will burn belly fat and it takes a lot time to explain that spot reduction is non existent term lol

    4. good explanantion Rumi. Just goes to show how many women need more of a fitness education on how to burn fat! :)

  5. Super big fan Rumi. You sounds so calm and soothing while you kick my behind! It's awesome.

    1. Isn't it deceiving? She sounds so calm and then boom! She's kickin' your butt.

  6. Geez, Gina, you weren't kidding about the strength! You are kick ass! I hope to get good at pull ups in the next two months.

    I did the HIITMax challenge days 46 and 47 2x through this morning, and it was pretty good. I added some lower body work at the end to feel a bit more balanced. I'm guessing there will either be ab or lower body work tomorrow.

    I'm quite inspired, Gina - thanks for the video!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Lindsey!!!