Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New BR Host?!!! BR Day 29, Zuzka's Exercise Advice & 'Debates' Over Her Form, Exercise For Your Body Type

I saw Lisa post on her FB page that we can expect Kelsey Mead as our next new BR Host. Why am I clueless on this aspect? I know she is friends with Melissa Ioja, but I don't recall her on BR? How do I seem to be the only one who doesn't know who she is?!

BR's Day 29 is now up and posted. I liked this leg workout. I actually would have chosen to do the cardio part instead of the strength part on this routine only because there was enough leg work throughout. However, the leg lift row exercise I do not like. It was done in conjunction with and squat and press, moved too quickly and looked a bit unsafe. It looked more like a kick than a leg lift, and that doesn't seem safe from a deadlift position to me. Making this into 2 separate exercises - a squat and press for the 50 seconds, then an alternating single leg deadlift into row (at a more controlled pace) for another 50 secs would make more sense. But overall I like the leg work. Lisa has gorgeous legs!

Each Week Zuzka seem to post a little tid-bit on why exercise is good for you. This week it is about memory/mental alertness. I like these little pieces of info, but I would almost rather see her be more interactive on her other posts than do new ones.
There was a little confrontation on her 5 minute workout about snatches. A couple of us criticized her form. I apologized if I came across harsh, but another woman was annoyed at Zuzka's response to us and thought she was childish. You can decide for yourself!

  • Mary Joan Hopkins Hi Zuzka, thank-you for this nice workout, but you're still not getting the movement of the snatch right. You are not locking your shoulders properly and your arm-shoulder area wobbles dangerously. I think you might want to practise this exercise a little more, before you include it in your workouts.
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    • Gina Trimarchi Martin How do you think she passed the 100 snatch test when she got certified? I think snatches are HARD and I get sloppy when I get tired. It is hard to nail them each rep. I LOVE Zuzka, so don't get me wrong here, but I wonder sometimes if they let her pass because of who she is. Sorry if that sounds mean.
    • Zuzka Light haha. My form is good, thank you very much
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    • Chris Vancil I don't know, Zuzka. Your butt seemed to stick out just a bit more than it should! But, maybe it's just all those Pistol Squats you do have made it bigger! 
    • Missy Lishous I think the results speak for themselves. If I can look like that, I'm gonna do them just like her:-)
    • Gina Trimarchi Martin You know my comment above sounded way worse than I meant it to be. I'm apologize! I adore you Zuzka!
    • Gina Trimarchi Martin I am certified, not RKC but through a diff company. I think snatches are just a VERY difficult exercise that takes a ton of practice and form can easily get compromised - IMO.
    • Mary Joan Hopkins Gina, snatches are a very technical exercise. Zuzka is very good, but her form with snatches is just off. But given her disappointing and unprofessional reaction, I guess I will refrain from making these remarks in the future. Zuzka clearly can't handle criticism.
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    • Gina Trimarchi Martin

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  • Ezza Wheeler Mary Joan Hopkins - are you a certified Kettlebell instructor..? If not, why come on here and post negatively. Why cant ppl be nicer? Jeeze.. Great workout Zuzka Light as always. Ps - your form is great!

Someone else asked Zuzka to do a post on exercise for specific body types and I would LOVE for her to do that. I chimed in and asked her to do it too. Fingers crossed she is responsive. She is obviously a mesomorph who responds readily to exercise and this is why HIIT workouts are so effective for her. If we were all so lucky! I mean look at her leg muscles. They are JACKED. Most of us only get muscles like that from heavy weights, not from jump squats and jumping lunges. I swear she is doing those 44lb Kettlebell Pistol Squats regularly behind our backs. LOL. Remember that exercise challenge from her?!

If you are looking for more of a muscle type plan and routine, I recommend you check out an article I read today:


  1. She may think her form is fine, but it isn't!

  2. I am not surprised. Kelsey is always posting about bodyrock and about Lisa and she is even making her own video workouts in a bodyrock style (short, hiit type), also Lisa posted Kelsey´s pictures and videos a couple of times.
    I like day 29, I was hoping to see a bit of a leg action this week, as all those push ups were know :)

    1. Ha ha Lena about the push ups. OK - I typically don't watch and look at all the BR-ers stuff that gets sent into Lisa so I missed Kelsey on her page - which is weird bc I knew her name from Melissa's page. But that is probably because Melissa's page is not nearly as cluttered. :)

    2. I actually did one Kelsey´s workout a quite some time ago and she mentioned Lisa and Bodyrock in it, so that´s why I learned about their "connection". However, to be honest, I would much prefer to see Melissa on Bodyrock again or someone like her, not Kelsey (nothing against her).

  3. Gina I've seen a couple of your videos and you seem to be the type that doesn't gain weight easily. I think if you want to look more muscular you should look for professional help. You're probably going to have to eat a lot more (probably different than you're doing now) and it since you already lift heavy, you're all set there. Sometimes I wish I was more your body type. So much more elegant. I get fat just looking at food. Haha my excuse :)

    1. You would be surprised at HOW much I eat. Elegant is such a nice thing to say. I lose weight looking at a brownie - Hee hee. I've worked with trainers in the past, but with 2 kiddos I just can't afford it right now. :( I'm jealous of the muscle-ey girls who lift half the weight I do. Sigh - the grass is always greener!

  4. I really liked Day 29 for the current hiitmax challenge, but I agree, the leg lift press squat deadlift thing was too much, lol. I ended up doing Days 28 and 29 two times through. On the first go of Day 29, I did a squat and press, while the second time through I did a single-leg deadlift and row. Felt I got a bit more out of it overall. The pistol squats on the other hand? Another move for me to practice; I am not good at those at all. Nice to see some relatively newish moves (and personally to take a break from the arms).

    Am looking forward to seeing Kelsey. I've seen her comment here and there, and refer to Bodyrockers as "beastettes" (which I kind of find annoying but that's just me, lol. It just makes me cringe) but it will be nice to see her in action. Been a while in coming.

    Melissa posted a workout I wanted to do in addition this morning, but I did additional lower body/cardio hiit instead.... will do it tomorrow. Here's a link if you haven't seen it already:

    1. I liked the newer leg moves too. I like pistols and I cheat with my parallette bars to help me stand back up. Going thru the routine twice separating those crazy exercises is the best way I think. I'm not familiar with Kelsey but my interest is certainly peaked!

  5. Big news for Zuzka! Check out her FB page!