Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Zuzka's 5 Min KettleBell Workout, DietBet Challenge? BR Day 28

Zuzka posted another one of her 5 minute workouts. This time it was a KB routine. Pretty good little workout that included KB snatches. Snatches are REALLY hard to learn in person let alone on a video, so I'm not sure this is the best exercise to pick if you're not in front of something training them. I would recommend alternating swings instead unless you are familiar with snatches.

Somebody complained that Zuzka was talking too much in her videos going over each move in too much detail. I'm not sure I agree. I think she needs to do that. Perhaps she can put it at the end of the video instead or tell us at which time the workout starts for those of us who don't need the explanations. I usually just skip over it and don't find it a problem.

Someone else stated that Zuzka should not include snatches because her form was off. As I said above, snatches are super hard. I always wondered how she got certified as you need to 100 in 5 minutes - and each rep needs to count. A failed rep doesn't count. Some of the reps she did in the video would have been failed reps. She admitted that she didn't practice before her cert weekend, and this always bothered me. There is a high failure rate for the snatch test, so I have wondered if they let her pass because of who she is. I'm not trying to pick on Zuzka here - I'm just curious as the snatch test is one of the hardest in the industry.

I believe the DietBet Challenge ends this Friday on Halloween yet I haven't see Zuzka post anything for it this week. Did I miss it? Usually she has a week's worth of workouts for the challengers.

And is it just me or does Zuzka seem a bit missing these days? She does not seem to be posting as often. I wish she was more active on her FB page. I really enjoy how Lisa is so interactive with her followers. I feel like Zuzka needs to do more of that.

OK, onto BR's Day 28 of HIIT Maxx. Does anyone think Lisa is trying to kill us with all of these push ups?!?!  LOL.
This time around the workouts seem to be posted at 8pm EST - last time they were 7 pm EST. Doesn't matter - the timeliness of it all is GREAT.
The strength move tonight was swings and cardio was plank jack in and out abs. Both cardio moves in my opinion though. I definitely prefer swings, but Lisa seems to prefer the plank jacks.
I was hoping for more pure weight lifting strength moves this 'season', but lets wait and see what is coming next. :)
I would love a whole season on strength instead - focusing on push ups, pull ups, weighted lunges, squats, hip thrusters and dead-lifts, etc. So by the end of the 5 weeks we could all see how much more weight or reps we could handle.
The extra burn outs for plus members is now an option at the end of the video. I swear I saw it listed in print on Sunday night, and haven't seen it since, but perhaps they just changed the way they are advertising it. If anyone is doing the bonuses, I would love your opinion.
I also noticed that Lisa is NOT using the weighted vest this time around. Perhaps it is because the workouts started with 50 secs, or maybe she will be using it in the weeks to come.
She used the dip station today as opposed to the Equalizer which is different for her too.

I mentioned before that I love Lisa's mat. I hate it when my slips all over the place. It is SO distracting. I wonder who makes hers? I think I will ask her!


  1. If these challenges were weight based id do them forever? Did you see the post on daily hiit asking which burns more calories...cardio or weights? People and the article say weights but i feel these challenges are cardio? On a side note do you think running helps you lose fat?

  2. These are more cardio type workouts - but since they are HIIT - they elevate your metabolism for hours after the workouts are over. That's why HIIT can be so effective. However building muscle is THE most effective way to burn fat - the more muscle you have the LESS room for fat in your body, and it is more efficient at burning fat. I think running stairs can be a great HIIT workout and a great addition to a workout program. That's the other thing about weight training - it is often a PLAN and not random workouts. I hope that helps!

  3. It helps a ton. Thank you. Here is a question. What if I did BR challenges (especially Lisa's 30 day) WITH weights where I can add them? She may do body weight lunges for 30 seconds, I could do them with weights. Would that be more effective?

    ps. I find it so exciting that Lisa responded to you! She did post at the end of Freddys rant and say "what is going on here". I'd love to be as loving and accepting as she seems to be!

    1. lol I think it's actually super cute that she said that at the end of what Freddy said. Nice to know that they are individuals and not of groupthink, as a lot of companies/brands seem to be.

      I'd say to modify exercises to achieve your personal goals -- use it as a guide for what you are looking for. In example, I'm doing more pulling exercises where there are pushing exercises in the current challenge. Also I am doing more bicep and chest than tricep oriented exercises, since my biceps and chest need a little work. Additionally, since my upper body is a bit more built to my liking already, I've been subbing some lower body exercises (squat/deadlift/lunge variations w/ or w/o weight) to meet my personal goal of a tighter lower half.

      At this point in my self education, I've been using the workouts as detailed, flexible guide to meet my goals. You should, too (in a way that is most comfortable for you), and not just Bodyrock or Zuzka, but any circuit [or otherwise] workout you come across.

  4. Lindsey and Gina thanks so much for your feedback! Want to really get to work, but always struggle with results so I'm looking for THE perfect workouts, which there are none, only what works best for me...and I'm thinking that is consistency. Being 52 makes it harder to see results, which makes me look frantically for "the right thing".

    1. LOL! I'm in my mid 40's and I keep looking too. I think as our bodies change, life style changes our goals change. I think adding weights to BR and Zuzka's workouts is a GREAT idea. Just note you might not be able to go as fast. You might need more of a 40/20 split rather than 50/10 or even a 1 min on with a 30 second off. For example, when I practice deadlifts I go up to 165 lbs. So I use a different format. I often WILL incorporate their workouts, but like Lindsey said - I add in my own stuff or use theirs as an outline. :)

  5. You're right in saying that zuzkas snatch form is bad. I noticed it in one of her previous workouts. I think her poor execution of the exercise is why she uses such a light kettlebell for it. She should not include snatches in her workouts if she cannot do it correctly. I too, wonder how she got certified. I even think her swing form could be much better.
    That being said, I enjoy her little 5min workouts!

    1. Hi Laura. I think Zuzka can snatch the KB correctly, but she doesn't do it dead on for every rep. After reading Zuzka's interview with Dragon Door stating how she did not practice for the snatch test I emailed them and asked how it was possible that she passed the test. With such a high failure rate and the reputation this test has as being so brutal I wanted to know how she could without prior technical practice. I did not get a response!

  6. Freddy also commented on this post that Lisa is 'an owner' of BR.