Monday, October 27, 2014

Lisa Responded to Me! Zuzka's Weekly Schedule is Up! HIIT Maxx Day 27

If you look at my post HERE and read the comments section you can see that Lisa responded to me. THANK YOU Lisa! I really appreciate her taking the time to do that. She explained more on the reasoning behind charging for BR Plus - which at first didn't make sense to me, but it now does make sense in a lot of ways. I actually do not see that many people complaining about it on FB, so that's a positive for them. I also think since HIIT Maxx Season 1 was such a success people are also more willing to be open to it.
Freddy also got people all wound up with the whole hater push thing that I think people were more likely to open their pocket books and support them. Smart move Freddy. I've said this before - he is no dummy. He KNOWS what he is doing.
Lisa also fixed the fact that I could not post or like on her FB page. All set there. I actually asked her where she got her crazy pants - and for those who want to know, they are Nike. :)
Lastly, I had made a comment that I was tempted to get the BR Plus, but didn't because I probably would not be welcome. Lisa told me that I AM in fact welcome. Again, thank you Lisa! I am choosing not to do it right now because in all honestly I am very uncomfortable giving Freddy's company my credit card info. Let me be clear here - I'm uncomfortable with it. I do NOT think anyone else has to be. It is obvious as to why I would be.

Zuzka's latest workout schedule is up. I think her web-site and FB page needs a makeover. I wonder if WIN is responsible for that too? We are due for a new workout tomorrow. Lets see if it goes up on time. If it does, then I will be more likely to sign up again because we are going on a month now of timely workouts without any glitches. She also has another new recipe posted - a butternut squash one and looks yummy. I love butternut squash. She was posting as a suggestion for Thanksgiving.
I've gotta get 2 kids through Halloween first. Then Thanksgiving - my older daughter's b-day is a couple of days before, then there's Christmas and my other daughter's b-day is a week after the holidays. Sigh.... should I just sign my bank account over to the toy stores now? LOL. But I digress!

Just got done watching Day 27. Looks like a very tough workout, but way over done on the push ups. WAY too many - especially if you are repeating yesterday too. Not crazy about the punching - but that's just me. I do love the dive bomber exercise. Hopefully the rest of the week will have some more back work. The burn out for today was legs. I didn't see any burnout listed for tomorrow? And I didn't see the leg burn out listed anymore either, but it was there yesterday. Is it removed and kept a secret only for BR Plus or maybe I just missed it?

I like the option of going through each workout for 2 rounds, once with the strength option and once with the cardio option. I saw someone else mention the exact same thing on Lisa's FB page. So far it looks like Lisa is preferring the cardio option. I wonder if she will do any of the strength options as the week goes on.

I like this picture of Lisa. It is a more realistic pic in my opinion too. I wonder if she picks out her own photos for the web-site or if Freddy does.


  1. I think I will try BR Plus as the challenge goes on... but to be honest, there are so many bonuses to choose from that I think I will try those based on my goals and go on from there.

    I will say I've had my share of push ups this week already :) but I like the incorporation of core with some of the variations (like the touch touch punch punch push ups, and the tap jack push ups [or whatever they're called]). Those are fun since they're working more than just the upper body. I do know that I need to practice dive bombers before doing anything else, that's for sure.

    When I've felt I've had too much, I've done 5 bicep curls + 5 shoulder presses + 10 tuck jumps (or something similar), then maybe a 2 bent over rows + 2 deadlifts combination -- just based on what I feel will target what I need without over exerting used muscles.

    I also really like that photo of Lisa posted. She looks strong and.... I hate using the word "real' for "attainable" but I did feel for a while (about 8-10 months ago) that she was pretty skinny, but obv if that made her happy then so be it. Here she looks super strong, solid and like she got an overhaul of the best kind. This is motivating to me. The other stuff was inspiring but not in the healthiest way (in my opinion).

    1. Attainable is a perfect word! Love dive bombers and though I'm ok at push ups, not so much at dive bombers. I need to practice those more!

    2. And LOVE that Lisa responded. I just asked her for an interview. I honestly was too scared before, but I did now. Not sure that she would do it, but the answer is always no if I don't ask. :) Either way I'm glad I asked and I'm glad to have seen this newer and fresher side of her lately.

    3. I had a friend tell me once, years ago, "The worst thing someone can say is 'no'." That has helped me a lot when it comes to, well, just about anything.

      Commentary is healthy, as is having an opinion, as long as it comes from a place of understanding, and wanting to learn and be aware. I don't think you are misguiding or skewing or anything: you're raising topics and opening a forum. It seems like she's seen that, and that's pretty cool. (I've also said this before, but I love your little roundups to start each week! Plus, that you give options for equipment is really neat, and that you give credit where credit is due when it comes to from where you draw inspiration for the classes you teach.)

      I've had my ups and downs with BR but deep down have always thought Lisa was cool, and this just cements it.We'll see what happens but either way, it was quite neat that she reached out to you, not as a personality to a blogger, but as one person to another.