Sunday, October 26, 2014

Haters Are Gonna Hate Hypocrisy, Did Anyone Else Notice BR's Deleted Post? HIIT Maxx Day 26

I have seen the haters are gonna hate comment thrown all over the place - from political sites, to Cross Fit Sites, to Zuzka's page and BR's page.
It's kind of a cop out if you ask me. Just because someone disagrees with you does not make them a hater. It simply makes them have a difference of opinion. Calling and labeling them haters is well - hateful! I even saw F*ck Haters. F*ck is a very hateful word. I find it all very hypocritical.

This morning I sat down to do my weekly FitNut post and I was looking over my FB and saw a post on Lisa's page that caught my eye of course. It was a re-posting of Freddy's rant over this blog. I saw a comment from someone actually defending this blog. She asked if anyone making the comments negating the blog had actually even read it. She said it was not hateful. She went on to do a second post with a link to this blog. I only saw that her name was Denise - so if you are reading this Denise - gutsy move and I appreciate it. I went back a little while later to see the comment was removed. But the WHOLE posting was actually removed.

HIIT Maxx Season 2 is here! Day 26 is posted. Starts out already with 50 seconds of work. You have an option of buying the burn out which is legs - otherwise you can't see it.
You have a choice of doing a cardio move or a strength move between exercises. I like that. I think I'd like to try this one with one round slower doing the clean and press strength move between exercises, and then a second round faster following the 50/10 protocol and doing the burpee lunge.
Lisa looked really good. Loved those funky pants and her boobs fit her body perfectly now. I still don't think she needed surgery in the first place, but they do look great.
Looks like a killer of a workout. A lot on the shoulders though. Not sure I would want to repeat it every day of the week. I might opt to do 2 or 3 rounds of each day instead.

Question for you guys about the burpees - I notice that Lisa always does them with finger tips, and Zuzka does them with flat palms. I was taught flat palms in order to protect the fingers and wrists - and well it is harder. How do you do them?

Zuzka has been pretty quiet on her site the last few days. I wonder what she has in store for us this week. She posted some of her favorite workout outfits, and the pics were not working, but the links were. Does anybody's workout attire wish list NOT include Lululemon? Ha! I really love their stuff, I LOVE Lorna Jane too - but hers is even more expensive than Lulu. I gotta draw the line some where. I get an instructor discount from Lulu and I often resell their stuff on eBay, so it's worth it to me.
I first found Zuzka on eBay believe it or not. She was selling a pair of Lululemon pants and their was a link to one of her videos and I think I watched about 50 of them in a row! I wanted to do ALL the workouts. I was so motivated.
She doesn't have her ZGym workouts posted for the week yet. What did you guys think of her 9 minute HIIT?  I will check back in the morning to see if the new schedule is up.


  1. Yep that was me, pharaoh. Just bothers me. Your blog is not hateful at all, yet all these people get behind the br hate train and bash what they havent read. I noticed lisas whole post was dwleted this morning and posted again on freddys page. Dont know if it is gone as well.

    1. I just looked and Freddy responded to you, but he never gave me credit for correcting what I said about him. That is NOT hateful.