Saturday, October 25, 2014

What's Going On With Some of the Former BR hosts, Zuzka's 5 Min workouts, BR Burnouts, & How to Get a Better Booty

Have you guys seem this video with Edith? She is stunning! I hope she comes back to BR soon. She seemed to be a favorite.

Teshia has a email newsletter that you can now subscribe to:
I signed up. Looking forward to some tips from her.

Haley posted this pic of herself on her FB page. This is an unbelievably gorgeous and striking pic!

I know Melissa was filming for Athlean-XX last week, so we will have to wait and see what she has in store for us. I'm sure they are some hard-core, crazy workouts.

Lish reposted this clip of random facts about herself - it is super cute:

Zuzka did a post about 5 minute workouts - and that they are in fact good for you. I know she received some slack on her FB page for posting workouts that are only 5 minutes, but I'm not sure why. I think any form of exercise is better than NO exercise. I love her little 5 minute ones as they are terrific for burnouts or when you're short on time, or for those days you just don't feel like exercising, you can squeeze one of these in. I also like that you can string a few of them together for a longer workout.

I made a comment the other day that I did not like the fact the BR's burnouts will not be free. I think all of their workouts should be free - charging for other stuff is fine. But Lisa went on to explain more (I wonder if that too was in retaliation to this blog), and it makes much more sense. I am even tempted to sign up for BR Plus, but I highly doubt I'd be welcome there! LOL.
Here is Lisa's explanation, and I actually have a tendency to agree with it:
Hiitmax Plus was released for those people who want to take me anywhere. (like me) 
You can save hundreds on streaming costs and wi fi issue and there's no need to take a dvd player anywhere ... you can do every workout ... long or short straight on your phone - amazing !!!
The Plus Members get the workout in full, downloadable, before it's released on the site each day and they also get options of our previous guides, older challenges available with the download facility and in week six onwards we are including some bonus burnouts to cover the cost of the membership.
The Plus is making it possible for us to meet the needs of everyone but we also have to cover so many costs that making this available has. 

BR's latest guide is all about the booty. Anyone get it yet that wants to comment on it?
I've followed Bret Contreras for a while now (I've mentioned him before) - and if you don't, I HIGHLY recommend you find him on FB and follow:  He is known as the Glute Guy and offers the best advice in the industry for women's physique's - IMO. 

He also has a web-site with workouts - and it IS $20 a month, but worth it in my opinion. Here is a sample of one of his booty workouts:
She uses some pretty hefty weights in this workout, but all of them can be repeated with lighter weights or body weight right at home. Try it and tell me you don't get an unreal glute pump. :) 


  1. you are very very very welcome with us anytime.

    Hi I'm Lisa - I don't know you (I'm sorry, I hadn't even heard of you until freddy showed me your blog the other day) - I just know that you blog about BR & past people etc ... but what you need to know is that I am 100% happy for ANYONE to train with me, I have trained on the street with BR' before lol ... I am a bodyrocker just like you!! and you are ALWAYS welcome. Oh and yes I did reply to what you wrote as I really didn't want you to misunderstand why we did the plus.. It came from the RT workout I did and the hour long workouts that people loved & also I was in Spain no wi fi nothing and had no way of exercising with myself lol ... which as you know ... I REALLY do do !!

    So trying to please everyone with shorter and longer workouts and to get a workout up and edited EVERYDAY !! ( thats 20 workouts a month min not including pics, bonus workouts, etc .. theres only 30 days in month :/ its not easy believe me !! )

    I wanted to make sure we had a workout everyday so we came to a compromise and came up with this idea ... & I think its working ... I really don't think theres any website in the world offering a free workout everyday where you can train WITH someone.

    I 100% think its really great value for money - soon you will have all the challenges available for download (no wi fi required ) & guides are in there too ...

    We came up with the are doing bonus workouts to make sure its SUPER value for money & to compensate for the charge.

    We have to charge to cover the cost of being able to give people a full 1hr plus workout each week in full. Remember tho ... at the end of the week its FREE on BodyRock in full too !! - just not as a download.

    We would LOVE to give downloads of the workouts for free but its just not possible for us right now. maybe in the future & we will always keep trying to work on ways to keep making it better.

    I dont normally get involved in replying to things but I had to intervene when you think you are not welcome as anyone who knows me knows I welcome everyone into everything I do - I love doing my job and as long as none lies or is disrespectful - you are welcome as a BodyRocker :).

    Lisa-Marie x

    oh and u mentioned you can't post on my page ?? please message me your name and ill check that asap.

    1. Lisa! I can't tell you how much it means to me that you commented. That's gutsy and professional. I DO understand WHY you guys need to charge and I did a post already commenting on that too. You can tell you love doing your job.
      I can only share on your FB, not comment or like. I did not think I would be welcome as I've made some comments that Freddy did not like (and I corrected myself and/or stood up for myself when necessary) and I would be very uncomfortable giving BR my name or credit card right now. I do thank you for telling me that I would be welcome. You are sweet for doing so. Keep up the good work as you motivate millions of people in a very good way. You have a unique talent! xoxoxo

    2. This is so awesome! Lisa marie herself! You are such a warm kind soul Lisa. Thank you for all that you do!!

  2. Awesome ... so we are all good. Let's remember that these are websites and I share all posts that all the pages post ... theres nothing much I don't share ... but at the end of the day ... I love being a host and I love changing lives ... I haven't met anyone you have interviewed apart from Melissa and I think she's amazing. Anyone who is trying to do positive things in the world is amazing ... and we are very lucky that we get to do it for free (for the most part) others have to charge as they need to make a living right ? ... I'm glad you didn't mind me posting a reply .... as you know I replete everyone on my page and hope that everyone feels very welcome. I understand why you like to blog about al this its very cool ... but as far as having any drama my end ... there just isn't any lol ... i am 100% what you see and thats it. Thanks for the props ... hopefully see you on the pages sometime etc x

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