Friday, October 24, 2014

Freddy Does Not Seem To Like This Blog Much

If you look at Freddy's recent post on his FB page he highly criticizes this blog. Which is fine. It is his right. Called Freedom of Speech here in the USA.

He also accuses me of being highly critical and biased, but I think his post was partially to keep other hosts from interviewing on this site. And it just might work. We will see.

People are so intrigued by BR and their hosts, therefore people want to read about them. That should be a compliment!

He accuses me of twisting things - but I thought all the interviews were fair and honest, including the one he did with me.

I tell people when BR does it right or wrong - and do the same for Zuzka. I have ALWAYS said it is MY opinion. He clearly is doing things right or wouldn't have gotten 1.5 million likes. And good for them! I said that just yesterday.

Freddy says my questions on the interview are probing for scandal: "The tone of these articles and posts however are always leaning towards the negative. The coverage in general is heavily biased and unfair. The recent assertion on this blog that "BodyRock hosts don't last" is just the latest example of this."
That is his interpretation. Are the interviews scandalous? I don't know - I don't think so. But regardless, doesn't BR like scandal to a point? Sexual ads in themselves are scandalous and BR have been accused FAR long before this blog came along of exploiting women, being too sexy and sexist. BR has not gotten to where they are today without being scandalous. Freddy has always told these people they don't have to read their blogs, look at their pics or follow their workouts. They are accused of being haters and can go elsewhere. Same goes for this blog or any blog for that matter. 

I guess the interviews come across bias because I ask the hosts why they left? Is that an unfair and biased question? Of course people want to know why they left! People asked over and over again about certain hosts and there were no answers - or at least that I saw. 
He does explain why they leave:
Secondly, the number one difficulty in maintaining hosts is geography. Our movement is global and hosts have all come from in some cases thousands of miles away. Think about the logistics and costs of that for a moment. Flights, hotels, trains, - and then the family and career obligations that each of our hosts have in their real lives. 
It's not that hosts don't last - it's that the demands of hosting on a regular basis are just not compatible with other obligations. It's not a negative - it's just life. 

No disagreement with that statement. A lot of the hosts said that was the reason. 

Plenty of other questions asked were NOT pertaining to BR at all: they were about these women's own workouts and nutrition plans because people certainly want to know that stuff. These women look great - we want to know what kind of hours they put in the gym and what they eat.

I'm not trying to piss anyone off. I give reviews. I find equipment that is cheaper sometimes. I offer opinions. I critique. I offer praise. I even admit when I pick on the hosts or the workouts - and I explain why I do. 

I highly doubt this wee little blog is affecting anyone or anything other than Freddy. I don't mean anyone any harm. If it is harmful in any way - my apologies.

Freddy messaged me once about an incorrect statement I made about him, and said out of fairness I should correct myself. I DID. I did a post called I Stand Corrected! He also said in a message to me that he preferred the opportunity to speak directly with people if they had questions. I would assume they he would extend the same professional courtesy that he wants.

HIIT Maxx was a big success, and I often said what a good job BR had done with it. I also complimented Freddy on what a good job he does on picking out the hosts. He should choose to see the positive on here too. 

BR and Zuzka both do wonders for people. I've said that before. They motivate millions of people. Some of the ways they go about things I think however are not responsible, over the top and can be harmful to people's self esteem. But again, this is simply MY opinion. Take it or leave it. We are all adults who can form our own opinions. Haters are gonna hate applies to this blog too, not just to BR.

I think Freddy is off in his interpretation, but he is certainly entitled to his opinion as I am mine. 
I wasn't sure whether to be annoyed or flattered. :) 

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