Thursday, October 23, 2014

BR Burnouts Will NOT be free, Zuzka's Arm Muscles, Anyone Remember Karen? 1.5 Million Likes!

HIIT Maxx 2 is only a few days away. I'm looking forward to it.
However, they are once again charging extra for the burnouts - but it's included as part of the 'Plus' program:

***PLUS MEMBERS*** you will also get extra bonus burnouts in the week this time. 

I understand this is an incentive to join BR Plus, but I don't like them offering burnouts only to people who PAY. BR advertises - get into the best shape of your life for free, so I think ALL of the workouts should be free. The affiliates and guides are fine for extra fees, and even a monthly membership fee, but this I do not like. :(

Regardless I am interested in seeing what BR does this time around for the workouts. I wonder if they will be using any new equipment. If anyone wants to get the weighted vest for under $40 check it out!!!! Click HERE

Zuzka's ZShred #48 was posted on time. She's getting a better track record these days! I wonder if she patched things up with WIN. I really wish she would clarify what's going to happen in the near future. This leaving us in the dark with no comment is not the best customer service. This is why I am hesitant to rejoin the ZGym, though I miss it already.
Somebody posted this on Zuzka's FB page: 
zuzka, how do you maintain the arm muscles? You don't seem to incorporate many arm exercises in your weekly routines and you still have great arms. If someone wants to get muscles/tone should we incorporate some exercises to the daily routines? thank you for everything.

I'm curious to the answer myself. :) No response from Zuzka - yet!  
How is it she maintains so much (arm) muscle with such short workouts that do not focus on arms as much? Hmmmm....... Zuzka does tons of push ups, which certainly works your shoulders and triceps - but I think what this person is referring to is probably her bicep muscles.

Does anyone remember Karen? She was a former BR host for a very short time - I believe she started around the same time as Rita.

I wonder what ever happened to her?

I have to comment that Freddy does a good job at picking out the hosts even if they don't last that long. He doesn't always pick 20 yr old somethings, he picks women a bit older with experience too - which is good as BR will then continue to appeal to a broader audience.

BR also got 1.5 MILLION likes. Holy sh*t! But good for them. 


  1. I think Zuzka puts on muscle quite easily to her upper body (you know, the same old, same old genetic freak etc. stuff =D ), so she doen´t have to do as much arm work as some people, and the pushup variations might be enough. I´m a bit similar like her (not though genetic freak, I have to work my a** off), and I hardly never do bicep focused exercises, and I still have nice biceps. I also build upperbody muscle much easier than lowerbody muscle, but I´m finally getting there a bit by bit, I´m finally starting to have a some kind of balance with upper and lower body. Still a a lot of work to do! =D

    1. Well I'm jealous! I can do 10 pull ups and I hardly have bicep muscles. Sigh....

  2. Speaking of arm muscles, I gotta say if there's one change I could make to BR's challenges, it's to do something more than tricep exercises or pushups for upper body. Yeah, there's the occasional chest press and bicep curl, and definitely shoulder presses. But there were so many tricep-focused exercises in the most recent challenge that I've had to substitute a chest or bicep-focused exercise just so I don't tire out the muscle (and build other muscle).

    Re: genetics, I've always had crazy calf muscles and have rarely had to work for them. Strong leg muscles overall, but for definition and lifting, I obv have to work at it. I know you know, but everyone's different. And based on the workout videos I've seen, you are super fit, biceps or no biceps :)

  3. Um....see below. Freddy seems to like to hear ONLY kind words about BR. Otherwise he will spin it until it's perfect. That is why I am officially a hater...this is on his facebook page.

    Freddy - BodyRock.Tv
    49 minutes ago
    Recently a blogger who follows BodyRock
    has run a series of interviews with some of the previous BodyRock hosts. All of them save perhaps one spoke overwhelmingly positively about their experiences working for our company.

    The tone of these articles and posts however are always leaning towards the negative. The coverage in general is heavily biased and unfair. The recent assertion on this blog that "BodyRock hosts don't last" is just the latest example of this.

    First, and in their own words, the hosts have all had a good experience taking part in leading the workouts. The questions were probing for scandal - looking for negatives that weren't there.

    Secondly, the number one difficulty in maintaining hosts is geography. Our movement is global and hosts have all come from in some cases thousands of miles away. Think about the logistics and costs of that for a moment. Flights, hotels, trains, - and then the family and career obligations that each of our hosts have in their real lives.
    It's not that hosts don't last - it's that the demands of hosting on a regular basis are just not compatible with other obligations. It's not a negative - it's just life.

    Our team has dedicated ourselves to helping people enrich their lives through fitness. That's what we do. The people out there trying to spin that into something sinister need to devote themselves to a higher calling and start to write from a place of balanced integrity. No one here is perfect, and that starts with me. But at the end of the day I know that we are accomplishing good in the world through our efforts to inspire people to be healthy and strong in themselves.

    To the people who seek to twist that into a negative I say just this: get behind your own dream because this one is taken. Start with your own contribution to better the world before you try and tarnish ours with petty and inaccurate commentary. In short - stop being so damn critical of others and do something productive.

    There are no sides to take, no team we have ever asked you to support. This is not a cult and we don't serve cool aid here. We work our asses off to provide the best daily free workouts that exist. That is our purpose for being. We are deeply grateful for this opportunity and the trust that our community has placed in us. Anything else is just manufactured BS, and with hundreds of workouts to prep, shoot and edit we just don't have time for the haters.

    Thanks for your continued support and love.

    1. Hi Pharaoh. Yes, I saw it. IMO, Freddy should pay attention to all the positive things said about BR on this blog too. Also, I think it was more of a ploy to frighten other past hosts to NOT comply with interviewing. I have asked a few more, so we will see what happens. Freddy is no dummy - he is very good at what he does. There was a specific reason for it I bet, and so be it. This is a wee little blog - he is the CEO of BR. Kinda silly. :)

    2. I went back and read the questions you sent to each host, and none of them were "sinister" or "leaning towards negative". I won't say this of Freddy specifically, but some people hear what they want, not the facts. Besides, with questions come answers; you didn't provide their take on the scenario. Lish even said she wasn't going to talk about BR in her interview, so I don't know what he is getting at.

      But whatever; that is some people's reality and they can't be told otherwise. Commentary, discussion, critique isn't being a hater or trying to ride on anyone's coattails. Bodyrock puts themselves out there and they're going to be talked about, and it's not always going to be praise. And just because it's not praise doesn't mean it's sinister. I can't believe he used that word.

      I am amused and bemused by all of this. :)