Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My ZGym has Expired! ZWOW #119, Zuzka's 5 Min Workout From Hell, The Weighted Vest, the 72 hour sale, Lisa's Vid on Season 2!

So my three month membership to ZGym has expired. I'm not sure that I want to renew because of all the problems lately - though they do seem to have cleared up a bit. Before I had the three month membership I did month to month and kept getting doubly charged. ARGH! I'm torn what to do now!

What did you guys think of ZWOW #119. It was posted on time! I am not a fan of the kicks, but liked the rest of the workout. I know Zuzka said she is getting into martial arts, I know Lisa sometimes would do kick boxing type workouts, and Melissa loved variations of them too.
Lots of people out there like it. I'm just one who does not. But that's me! I have nothing against it - I just don't enjoy it.
The link to her Wed Power Yoga workout is not working correctly. It brings you to ZWOW #119 instead. You can look it up under ZYoga instead, but hopefully they will fix this little glitch as well.

Zuzka's latest 5 minute workout looks awesome. Pistols, jump tucks, burpees, clapping push ups. :)
There were a bunch of comments on her web-site under the ZGym section of people complaining that her workouts were not as hard as they used to be. What do you guys think? I think ZGym was aimed more for newbies, so perhaps they haven't been as hard. But I also think we expect a lot from Zuzka and many of us have simply gotten stronger and require more. She also did a series with Nikki and Drake for beginners and she has been doing WED workouts for beginners. I think the long time followers are just not getting what they are used to - and she is catering to a different crowd. This 5 min workout looks pretty tough though. I am going to try it on Thursday.

LOOK WHAT I FOUND: A bunch of different variations of the weighted vest - from 4 lbs and up to 20 lbs - for under 40 bucks! WOO-HOO. Check it out HERE. There's a lot more offered than what's in this pic too - blue ones, pink, purple, etc...

There is a 72 hour sale at ONNIT - they sell supplements, Vegan protein Powders, and a bunch of different workout equipment. Check it out HERE to save. :) Of course, I just ordered the Battle Ropes, and NOW they have the sale. Sigh..... They have a pull up bar for $30 that's worth the money if you're looking into getting one. I love having my pull up bar! :)

Lisa has a video up on her FB page asking us what we want in the next challenge for Season 2. I can't comment on there for whatever reason, but I wanted to ask for more strength and less jumping around. She DID say that they would be slowing things down a bit with more strength and compound moves. YIPPEE. I like the sound of that.
I totally LOVE her hair. The eyebrows and lips are way too much for me - but she obviously likes them that way. But the hair is super cute.
Lots of comments for real time, longer workouts, and inner thigh work. Not everyone likes the longer workouts, and this last challenge they had the repeat option to make the workouts longer as the week progressed. The only problem with that I thought is that by Friday your muscles and joints were a bit over taxed from the repetitiousness of the exercises. They had offered burn outs before for a price, and I do not think that went over well with the bodyrockers. I think it might be better to offer 24 min workouts - people could cut it in half for a shorter version or double it for a longer version, That's my advice! ;) 

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  1. Thanks for posting the information about the weighted vests! I hope to get one in time for the next challenge, but will make do if I don't (as I did last challenge). It will be neat to see what the next challenge is like. I find in that repeating the Fridays of each week (with all the workouts for each week + burnout) I am a bit more sore than normal. Not a bad sore, but... I dunno. I see the rhyme and reason for each individual day, but the formula can be a recipe for overworking. In part, that's why I've been substituting some exercises for others during this "re-do".

    I'm really liking Lisa's hair, too!