Monday, October 20, 2014

Teshia's Turn For An Interview!'s Yoga Instructor Answers My Questions

A big thanks to Teshia for taking the time to answer my questions. We went back and forth through email a few times and she is as sweet as can be.

How was it that you became a BR host?A friend of mine told me that this awesome website was looking for a Yoga host. I went to the audition, busted out my best moves, and got the job! I loved Freddy, Sean, and Lisa from the moment I met them:) 

What was it like watching yourself on screen for them for the first time?
Weird! But also fun! I did find it hard not to be self-critical however and so, I had a little bit of a journey to go through to come to peace with that / fully accept how I “showed up” on screen. 

Should we expect to see more of you on BR or did you leave, and if so why did you leave ? 
I hope so! I haven’t “left”!  We continue to shoot videos every few months or so ;) 

What was it like working for Freddy? 

I have big love for Freddy. 

Working with Sean and Lisa?
They are sweet people. I am very fond of both of them. 

Did you meet any of the other hosts?
Yes, I did. There wasn’t one that I didn’t like:) All really sweet girls. 

You have an absolutely gorgeous body. Is yoga the only workout that you do? 
Aw! That is sweet of you to say. Thank you:) 

I really mix it up! I do Yoga on my floor every day, Yoga classes a few times each week, and then I also love a good boxing class / hiit workout / or a run each week. I exercise 5-6 days weekly, but I always take one day off to let my body totally rest. I’ve learned that MORE is not better, and in fact for me, whenever I aim for MORE it bites me on my yoga-bum ;) 

How long have you been practicing yoga?
Wow. Hmmmm. I guess it’s been 9 years! Where did that time go?! 

I'm a yoga instructor myself but not nearly as bendy is you. You must have had some natural flexibility prior to your yoga training? 
Perhaps a little. But honestly, it just came from a ton of practice. When I started doing Yoga I was experiencing terrible anxiety, Yoga was the only thing that helped and so, I started practicing ALOT! The flexibility that same from this was just a bonus;) 

I believe you are a raw vegan. Can you tell us a little bit about your diet?
Do you know how many calories you eat in the day? Or your breakdown of carbs fats and proteins? 
I don’t count calories and instead, I try to just gage my energy. I am certain that there are some days I eat more, and others less. For example, whenever I do resistance training I am always WAY hungrier than if I had simply done Yoga / went for a run. So, I guess my food intake seems to depend on my activity level, hormonal fluctuations, etc. My weight doesn’t fluctuate much and so I feel it all evens out:) With regards to macros, I do eat a Vegan diet and I would say that my diet is certainly higher in fat than carbs. I find fats seems to stabilize my energy better than grains / sugars. Most of my protein sources also contain a fair amount of fat. I also eat TONS of veggies, and find these seem to be the best “carbs” for me. Grains and sugars never make me feel as well as nuts and avocados. 

I see you have your own FB page and website What else have you been doing with your time since you were last on BR?
I am quite busy these days as an entrepreneur! I have my own business and do nutritional consulting both in person and via Skype. I also host “nutrition education days”  in both corporate and school settings. Oh, and I write nutrition related ebooks too! 

With regards to Yoga I teach group classes at least 4 times weekly, see private clients, and hold various workshops. I also just launched my very own style of class which I’ve called HiitYoga, and so I’ll be teaching this 3x weekly too….as of November.

I've seen you and BR leave comments and likes on each other's pages. Looks like you support one another? 
For sure we do! And I love following what they are up to:) 

What are your own workouts like? How many days a week do you workout and for how long? 
I hope I answered this well enough, up above :) 

Do you always practice yoga on your own or do you take classes? 
Both! My living room floor on days I feel introspective, classes on days I feel like engaging with my beautiful community:) 

I see you have a new workout called HIIT yoga. Can you tell us a little bit about that workout? And do you have any online videos or workouts for us to follow?
It’s a hybrid of Hiit training and Yoga together! It’s super fun to teach and so far it seems to be a Hiit! (pun intended;) I do indeed hope to get some videos up online in the next 6 months (via my own youtube channel - “Teshia Maher”), I also want to make a DVD in the next year! 

Any advice for those of us who want to increase our flexibility?
Practice daily. Even if you just do a little stretching on your floor at home. Make a good habit out of it:) Also, ditch sugar. It creates inflammation and IMO greatly impedes flexibility. 

Any tips on starting or incorporating a raw vegan diet? 
Focus on adding MORE raw / unprocessed food into your daily diet. As you do this, you will naturally have less room and desire for the less than healthful foods. Try making at least one of your daily meals = a big raw and delicious salad. Easy changes can be HUGE changes:) 

What can we expect from you in the future and is there anything else you'd like to add? 
I feel great momentum in my life right now! And I am so grateful for this! That said, I can’t say I know myself what’s to come!? However, I feel there’s something coming!!!??
Thanks Gina! xoxo!

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  1. Thanks, another great interview. I LOVE Teshia :)

  2. Thank you Gina!! I love Teshia!! What do you think of interviewing Jessica Lynn? Do you remember her? ( she was a host right after kyla ) who knows why Freddy didn't call her anymore. I follow her on FB , she's really great. She also joined ( and won a second place) a competition as fitness model.

    1. I love Teshia too. She is super sweet. Send me jessica Lynn's FB page and I'll check her out!

  3. She has 2 pages
    -> for fitness ( lately she is more into yoga and meditations and doesn't share her workouts though)
    -> her personal page

  4. Opss, sorry , the first page >

    1. Got it. I'll ask her too. I've asked 2 others first, so we'll see if I get them, then I will ask Jess. :)