Monday, October 20, 2014

Awaiting HIIT Maxx Season 2, Zuzka's Weekly DietBet Challenge & ZGym schedule was on time again this week! And did you see THIS move From Melissa Ioja?

BR will start their next 'season' of HIIT Maxx with Lisa starting a week from today on Monday the 27th.
I know a lot of you out there are looking forward to it. This last 'season' of HIIT Maxx was so organized timely, and so well put together - it far exceeded my expectations. I hope that Season 2 is just as good.
I still hope they do a strength challenge instead of HIIT for Season 3. Something new and really different. I think it is harder to do those kind of workout for free because it requires weights. But weighted push ups, pull ups (hey here's new piece of equipment they can sell - :) ), pause squats, bent over rows, single leg work, single arm work all works great. I'd love to see a challenge where we can progress each week to getting a little stronger instead of jumping all over the place. Not that HIIT isn't great, it is, but I'd love a new angle.

Zuzka has posted her DietBet Challenge for the week:

Monday: ZWOW #45
Tuesday: ZWOW #11
Wednesday: NEW 5 Minute Workout (will be posted on Tuesday)
Thursday: ZWOW #69
Friday: ZWOW # 38
Saturday: ZWOW #57

I look forward to her 5 min workouts. Putting several of them together or repeating it for 20 minutes are always options to make them longer and more effective. 

She also posted her weekly ZGym schedule - and on time! We are due for a new workout to be posted this evening. Lets see if it happens again. Fingers crossed. I liked it better with the new workouts on Mon, Wed, Fri instead of the Tues, Thurs, Sat, but if it is on time this way, then I'll take it.

Monday: ZSHRED #17
Tuesday: ZWOW #119 (NEW)
Wednesday: POWER YOGA #18
Thursday: ZSHRED #48 (NEW)
Saturday: 9 Minute Hiit (NEW)
Sunday: Active rest or 5 Minute Body Crush Workout

Three new workouts again. But Sat is a 9 min HIIT? I think it should be longer. We get her little 5 minute workouts for free. For paying customers we should get longer ones- IMO.

Melissa posted this crazy move on her FB page:

I tried it and it was HARD. I was extremely ungraceful - she does it so smoothly! 


  1. I saw Melissa's move the other day on Instagram and thought the same thing! I could definitely knock it out but no way could I look as smooth as she does. She's a beast!

  2. Wow, I always get excited when I see a new exercise combo I haven´t seen before. I tried it this mornng; it was actually quite easy for me. I´m pretty good with pistols these days, so maybe it helped me. =D

    1. Easy?! Geez! I tried it again and though it was easier for me this time around is was by no means easy. I'm not that good at pistols. LONG legs and SHORT torso. :)

  3. Melissa has a kind of grace during her workouts that I just can't duplicate, lol. But it definitely takes practice.

    Until BR's HiitMax challenge starts up next week, I'm doing days 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 as my Monday through Friday workouts, so all the exercises for each week are done each day. :) I was going to figure something else out but I'm not feeling all that creative. Maybe another time. Thanks for referencing Z and Melissa's workouts for inspiration.

    1. That's exactly it Lindsey - Melissa is far more graceful than I am. And love your idea of doing days 5,10,15, 20 and 25.