Friday, July 1, 2016

The Truth About Abs

Have any of you heard about Natalie Jill Fitness? I love her and follow her on Facebook. I like more down to earth folks than Zuzka and Lisa sometimes. Both Z and Lisa have NOT had kids so they do not kow what it is like to get abs back afterwards. They are still genetically gifted! Not that they don't work hard and eat nothing (LOL), but it is HARDER after having a kiddo - and WAY harder after having 2.

Natalie does a post about abs that I find very helpful.

She is also very honest about her own abs:

She has a 6 pack - but ALSO loose skin because she has given birth. This is what drives me NUTS about my own abs. I have a flat stomach - and I've earned it (and yes genetically blessed with them too) but the way the skin folds after having kids - not so fair at all.
I actually did not get loose skin after having one kid - but after the second I definitely did. And she was worth it. :)
Z and Lisa both have much tighter skin and it is depressing sometimes. Natalie is more motivating to me. You guys should check her out.

And on another note - I'm curious, what do you guys have on your wish list from Zuzka and Lisa/BR.TV?

I wish they would do an 8 week strength training progression program. How about you?


  1. From BR, I would love it if the post régular 12 min Workout. Let's say each wednesday for example. The FB live is ok but so much talking at the beginning.... It's too long. Their 21 day challenge are ok but it's way too long between new challenges

  2. I would also looove some progression programs! Even Z's beginner program seems to be only a very gradual progress track. Fine for beginners, but I'm hoping for more from the other upcoming series.
    I keep going back to some of the older bodyrock beasts - specifically the set fire workout (best short workout imo), the hot mess workout for moderate, and the 600 rep hotel workout for a endurance type challenge. I want some more hard body weight workouts. I'm glad Z is using more weights, but I miss those old toughies. I doubt it will come from bodyrock with all their equipment pushing but never say never :)