Saturday, July 2, 2016

Some of Zuzka Light's Best Workouts....

....In My Opinion Lately.....

Are the Little Snip-its she puts on her Facebook page.

Check out the one she did yesterday with her 90 lb Kettlebell:

From there you can actually scroll back and watch a bunch of them in a row she has done over the last few weeks. I always like these a lot.

AND - Zuzka is definitely obsessed with working out her calves lately. I don't get it. anyone else?

Lisa did another LIVE workout yesterday on her FB page:

It is an ab workout.

I actually think Lisa has a gorgeous body. I like Zuzka's arms better, but I prefer long legs like Lisa has. Not that there is anything wrong with Z's legs, I just prefer the long-ness of Lisa's - that's me.

It's funny, I've said that before and a few of you gave me sh*t about saying that - but none of you gave me sh*t about saying that I liked Z's arms better. Hmmm.......

FYI - BR.TV is still having the buy one get one free VEST deal going on if you are interested.

Anyways, If you live in America, Happy 4th of July weekend!!!! Go thank a Veteran or a Soldier!


  1. I think Lisa put her boobs too much in front of the camera during her FB live video...

  2. I don't get the focus on the calves, either. The exercises she does with heels elevated, would be better with a flat foot in my opinion. Anyway, I enjoy her little Facebook videos as well!

    Zolasoleil, funny you should mention that about Lisa. I was scrolling through the live workouts she posted on YouTube, and all of the thumbnails were her boobs! I guess she spent a lot of money doing them and re-doing them... She feels the need to show them off! Haha! Or it's just click bait. Then again, I did see on one of her Instagram posts, someone complained about her showing 'underboob', when she was showing off her abs. Lisa didn't care too much and said the picture was 'hot'.

    1. It's probably click bait. It reminds me of old school BR.TV when Freddy used to do the filming of Zuzka. Lisa is an owner and sex sells. She apparently LOVES her boobs (like you said she did pay a fortune for them) so she probably likes to show them off as well.

  3. of course it's a click bait. But before you blame Lisa again ... Zuzka does it too. ;-) Have you noticed her very tiny panties during her latest workouts. Reminding me more of lingerie or bikini wear and by far not active sport cloths ;-)

    1. Zuzka IS wearing bathing suits next to her pool during a lot of her workouts instead of active wear.....