Thursday, June 30, 2016

15 Minute Slide #3 With Zuzka Light - Looks HARD! BR.TV ADVANCED BOOTCAMP STARTS JULY 11TH!!!!

This one looks like a killer leg workout:

Workout Breakdown
1.Weighted one leg squat slide to one leg lean forward backward lunge slide x 10 / 10
2. Side Plank both Knees tuck slide x 10 / 10
3. weighted Curtsy slide lunge to heel lifted squat x 10/10
4. Side lunge slide to push up x 5 / 5
5. Slide lunge slide alt. x 20

This side plank crazy slide move looks like it takes a lot of coordination - it would make me frustrated lol. Zuzka was struggling with it.
I wish she would do a back exercise with the sliders..... I am dying to try a pair of these disc gliders. 
AND...drum roll..... BR.TV's Advanced Bootcamp is coming July 11th! Finally. I saw if posted on their FB page this morning:
Looks like it IS only 12 minutes. I was hoping it was going to be different. Lisa's RTC was different, so I was thinking this one just might be - but no such luck. I am sure it is 50/10 too. You can simply go through it twice it you want to make it longer I suppose. 
Ant Lisa had another live workout on her FB page yesterday. It was promoting the vest and she did it outside at a playground. Her body looks AH-mazing. She has been working hard. I just don't get the manipulation of her face. 

I do NOT get the lips. I just don't. I have a friend who does it too, and I don't get hers either. It always looks like she got punched in the mouth to me. I want to hand her an ice pack. 
It looks puffy under Lisa's eyes here to me too, but maybe it's from working out outside. 
Anyways I am super curious to see what her workouts for this next challenge are going to be! So 11 more days we will see what it is all about. 


  1. What's zuzka's real surname? After divorcing from sean light? Did she married with jesse? No?

    1. Majorova was her maiden name - i dont know if she is married to Jesse and what his last name is :)

    2. can she still use surname of her old husband? you can't do that in my country

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. sorry it was freddy not sean it's his twin brother right?

    5. I don´t think they are twins, am I right, anyone? I have always thought Sean is the younger brother. =D

    6. Yes, Sean is the younger brother.