Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Stretch & Tone Workout #3

Zuzka posted her latest Stretch and Tone Workout today:

Workout Breakdown
1. deep side lunge slide x 10/10
2. One leg slide hip raises x 20 alt.
3. Swimming Frog x 20
4. Power band clams x 20 (right leg up)
5. weighted laying spinal twist x 10 (right leg up)
6. Power band clams x 20 (left leg up)
7. weighted laying spinal twist x 10 (left leg up)
8. Laying hip raise with power band abduction (x2) x 20
9. Sit up knee tuck with DB curl x 20
10. Wheel pose push ups x 5 / Candle-chatturanga-updog-downdog/  Criss Cross toe touch x 10 / x 2 sets
I always want to tell Zuzka to open her shoulders more when she does upward dog. She rounds them forward a bit and doesn't squeeze her shoulder blades together enough to open the chest.

She uses her gliding discs, power bands and 3 lb dumbbells in this workout. 
She is again wearing a lot more make-up than she used to, Looks like it is a new habit to stay. 
I found this interesting - Zuzka posted this on her web-site:
I’m in the process of putting together some YouTube videos and was wondering if you have any ideas to make it easier for me. If you have any questions or if there’s anything I can do to make the videos more interesting for you, please let me know.
I am wondering if she posted that because of the live videos BR.TV is doing on FB or if it is just a coincidence? I think having to log into YouTube to see her videos is kind of old school. And I do think the live workouts that BR will be doing is a great idea. I also think that BR.TV is following the trend that Men's Journal is doing - I've noticed that they have followed a few trends that Men's Journal has done lately. 


  1. Actually, the live workouts are hard to find on BR FB page. I prefer YT, way easier! And the image quality is better.

  2. I have to say I prefer youtube, I don´t see anything old school about that. It works perfectly, quality is great, the fitness community there is growing every day and I don´t have to log into it - whenever I open it, I am logged in immediately, nothing hard about that. When I open BR FB page, I always feel like Alice in the Wonderland - lost and confused.

  3. She doesn't open her shoulders in her handstands either, which is why she can't get that straight body line and is always doing that split stance.
    She needs to do more upper body stretching. Open up!