Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer Shred #13 With Zuzka and Still NO NEW Advanced Boot Camp With BR.TV - What Gives!!!!!

I loved the Summer Shred Series last year and I am loving it again this year. These workouts are intense and full body. This is what Zuzka has to say:
I’m still sweating as I’m writing this post. It was a brutal workout and I have almost given up during the buy out. The beauty of this workout is that it’s a time challenge so your goal is  to push really hard during the first part – the circuit. You won’t be exactly fresh and rested for the second part – the high intensity interval training, but try to put all your energy into it. Even if you decide to cheat during the high knees and go really slow, it won’t work for any of the kettlebell swings or double unders, because you will need the momentum and a lot of power to keep moving forward with the reps. I was really trying to push through the buy out to get it out of the way as fast as possible but it totally killed me.  You’ll find out for yourself 🙂
Just to give you a few tips, remember that you can always do the plank rows or standing bent over rows with dumbbells instead of pull ups. It won’t be nearly as effective but at least you’ll be working the same muscle groups. If you don’t have a jump rope, or can’t do double unders yet, you can always do jump squats instead.
Time Challenge
1. Circuit
pull ups x 3
Burpee Jump Tuck x 5
Side Lunge (heel lifted - I wouldn't do them this way)) to jump squat x 10 alt. legs
5 rounds
2. Jump rope / Kettlebell HIIT
30/10 x 6 rounds = 4 minutes
1. JR – High Knees
2. KB swing
3. JR DBUs
4. KB Pendulum
5. JR high Knees
6. KB Swing
Buy out: Flying Burpees x 20

I am pretty sure I would be DYING by the end of this workout. Zuzka sure was!  LOL. The flying burpees at the end would kill me. I have been working on weighted push-ups lately and am only used to doing under 5 reps at a time so the total of 20 would make me die. And did anyone else notice how much more make-up Z was wearing?? Haha.
Someone mentioned that Z's hair and make-up used to look better when she was with BR.TV. I used to like her better with darker hair. 
Her body has always looked amazing. Here is one very sweaty Z after the Summer Shred #13:

There still is NO Advanced Bootcamp from BR.TV. Lisa did do a LIVE Ass & Legs workout on her FB page yesterday though. Did anyone catch it? It is still posted on there if you want to check it out. I can;t get a link to it or I would post it here. I wish BR would call their ASS workouts Glutes. I hate it. I'm no prude and curse like a truck driver, but it just sounds so much better as a Legs and Glutes workout to me. Am I getting old? HA! 
But Lisa did this live workout as a test to see if this is the way BR.TV should do their workouts in the future. Not a bad idea at all! 
Here is what it looked like:


  1. Replies
    1. NO! I've been working on weighted push-ups, so doing 20 push-ups in a row for me with burpees would really work my endurance. I'm just not used to it - especially as a buy out. That'/s all.

  2. I really think that Lisa Marie should do her own workouts. From her first 30 day challenge, it seemed that she really liked those longer workouts, and they were greatly received by the community. It seems that the 12 minute workouts are more of a BR thing than Lisa Marie thing.

    1. REALLY, REALLY good point! I bet some of her own workouts are far better.

  3. I just did that workout today followed up with her 5 minute routine from last Friday. The plan was to do Summer Shred 11X afterwards since I love that one, but my legs just totally gave out! I did her Bikini Ready Workout, which is not that intense as a cool down :) It was really a great workout, when I was short on time, because I had my final exam of this semester today :)

    1. Good to hear from you Karoline! Good luck on your exams! XO