Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Stretch & Tone Workout #4 With Zuzka, What Ever Happened to Zuzka Offering FREE Workouts? (UPDATED) Another High Fat Recipe, I Thought Lisa Was Losing IT!

Here is Zuzka's latest Stretch & Tone workout:

Workout Breakdown
1. Ballerina Squat / sumo squat x 10 alt.
2. Stiff leg deadlift stretch to one leg standing leg lifts (hip extensions) 20/20 x 3 sets
3. Weighted Lunge overhead press / lunge tricep kick backs with shoulder circles x 10 / 10
4. Slide back lunge to standing forward bend with heel raise x 12 alt.
5. Knee elevated Chest, shoulder and groin stretch with sliding discs x 10 / 10
6. Plank / wide legged seated forward bend / cat cow (x3) / half camel pose stretch /child pose / wide legged seated forward bend
7. Frog – 2 min
Z was a bit sweaty at the end of this workout - I sometimes wonder if she keeps the room warmer on purpose so she will sweat a lot. 
One of my readers (thanks Mira) made the point that Z once said that she would offer a FREE workout at the beginning of each of her new series - and yet she hasn't in quite a while. There are quite a few comments about it on her 12 minute body series - Mira had asked about it and folks started attacking her and defending Zuzka!
Here is an example of one woman's thought on the whole thing:
"I’m not complaining about anything, I support you since you started mainly because you are for me the best out there and your site is continuously improving, it is really affordable and there are something for each level and circumstance. But I want to point out that many followers including me, are like children. if you say something it sticks forever and also they feel they are entitle to ask for what was promised. I remember you say that the first wo of each series was going to be free. I thought it was part of your advertising strategy, cause I met you when you where posting your zwows and I thought that campaign worked perfectly to build your community. So those free wos became part of everything and I guess many of the people is complaining about this one isn’t are paying because their comments are written here in the ppv site.
Just saying… not that I know the details, that you may have, about how successful is to keep that many free wos in terms of bringing more subscribers which is the whole point."
What do you guys think? Mira has a good point. Z should live up to her word. Z did used to offer free workouts here and there as a teaser to get people to join her ZGym, but I don't know when she's offered a free one lately. I might just not notice because I'm logged in as a ZGym member. But looks like a lot of folks DO notice and want them back. Maybe because she offers the free 5 miunte workouts each week she doesn't feel the need to? You can just put a bunch of those together on your own for a longer Zuzka workout.

UPDATE - a lot of people came to Z's defense about not offering FREE workouts saying that it is her choice. There is actually WAY WAY more to it that I first realized. You can read it yourself under the comments here:

Hmmmm..... Zuzka gives away a free workout every week - yes it is only 5 minutes, but repeat the workout 3 or 4 times or put a few of them together. 
Secondly, Zuzka does NOT have to offer ANYTHING for free. She just doesn't. As mean as that might sound.
HOWEVER, if Zuzka did put in print that she would offer the first workout of each series for free, then she should live up to her word. 

I post her workouts up here - no videos - just the text - and she could shut me down I bet. I never really thought about it until now. I've had a few people post comments when I'm late posting the workouts and it annoys me! I can't imagine how Z must feel. But again, she should live up to her word if that is what she promised. And if she changed her mind about it - then just say so. That's fine too! 
She did post this in the comments (they are all under 12 minute workout #1) Hi Lucia, I understand your frustrations and your situation. We just got done building a whole 9 week program for free, please take advantage of that. I have decided to put the first workout in a new series into my YouTube cue so that my ZGYM members are the first to do this series before anyone else. I think that’s more fair. So I am not going back on my word, the workout will be eventually released on Youtube but it’s going to be later when the time comes.
Does anyone know if this is the case? I'm not sure she has done this yet? 
I also think that the 12 minute body series was a bit of a dig against BR.TV since almost all they do is 12 minute workouts. She did a 15 minute fat burner series too - which was just a tad longer, but the 12 minute was really the same thing. Not sure if any of you thought that too. 
Anyways, Z did another recipe - another high fat, high dairy, high nut content, artificial sweetener recipe:
2 cups almond flour
1 cup heavy cream
2 eggs
1/2 cup and 2 tbsp Swerve (erythritol – sugar substitute)
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp freshly grated lemon zest
1/2 tsp lemon extract
1 tbsp melted butter
pinch of salt
1 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries

Hmmm.... I'm not always a fan of her recipes I like. I would prefer coconut flour, and I would replace half the cream and butter with applesauce and oil, and use Stevia or even a ripe banana to sweeten it.
I play around with recipes like this sometimes and it can be a big fat fail or I can hit the jackpot. If it is a fail, I usually freeze it and throw it into my protein shake smoothie in the mornings. LOL. 
Lisa posted another LIVE workout on her FB page. Has anyone been watching them or doing the workouts? I thought she was losing it at first. I was thinking - why is she acting so weird? She spends 2 minutes staring into the camera, saying hi over and over again, fixing her hair, asking are you ready a 100 times, etc, but then I realized she is talking to the people logging in to watch the live video. Maybe I'm the one losing my mind! :) 
I still think this is a good idea because BR.TV takes WAY too long between challenges and doesn't provide enough new workouts and pushes equipment a lot  - IMO. I like the days of the past when they did 2 random new workouts each week instead of just challenges


  1. Where is this debate on Zuzka's free workouts?

  2. yes thank you! that was me asking zuzka why the first wo is not free. I wanted to ask nicely, but everybody was like "why not just pay for it!" and like "nevermind zuzka they dont even care you to pay 10bucks" etc. I didn't made the conv. any longer but comments were endless. I ignored, but honestly I'm the kind of person who get sad about things and thinks about them

    1. Yes, that debate turned completely crazy! Although some of Zuzka´s and her folowers´ comments were valid, many of them sounded arogant or almost mean.
      Zuzka also went into a confrontation there with a girl who shared her old Zwows on youtube.

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  4. Insane debate. People are crazy. But why couldn't Zuzka just let this one go? Why couldn't she just give a kind, professional response to this one? I also found it somewhat ironic that she writes, "Yagmur has been asking for free content all across my social media and for me to post the entire Summer Shred series for free on YouTube." That Vancil guy has been harassing and insulting people all across her social media for YEARS, and she never ever dealt with it. Zuzka does great workouts, but sometimes her lack of professionalism when dealing with her customers baffles me.

    1. "Yagmur has been asking for free content all across my social media" I difn't ask for that why she said that?

  5. I love love love Lisa's new live workouts I was missing her in my workouts .

  6. I love love love Lisa's new live workouts I was missing her in my workouts .