Thursday, July 7, 2016

15 Minute Slide #4 With Zuzka and An Interesting Read - How to Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle

Here is Z's latest slide workout:

Workout Breakdown
1. Side lunge slide with diagonal DB Swing 10/10
2. Mountain Climber Step Ups x 20
3. DB Side lunge slide calve raise x 20 alt.
4. Plank slide side crunch (each side) / db plank rows (each side) x 5
Doesn't look easy at all! 
I read this interesting article yesterday as well: Check it out. 
I found this part of it particularly intriguing overall:
Now, weight training obviously still needs to be kept around as it provides the primary signal that tells our bodies to maintain muscle and only burn body fat. But cardio? That’s completely optional.
And honestly, I feel there is no more overrated and over-given-a-shit-about aspect of fat loss or muscle growth than cardio. Obviously if your goal is endurance or performance related, my opinion would change. But strictly in terms of just improving the way your body looks? I hate cardio.
In fact, I rarely do any myself and my default recommendation for most people with body composition related goals is to do little or even NO cardio whatsoever. I’d much rather see people create their deficit via diet alone, use weight training to build/maintain muscle, and use cardio as a last resort tool for when you reach a point where lowering calories any further becomes too difficult and you’d rather burn those calories off instead.


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  2. Just wanted to take a minute to make some observations about this blog. The comments that you direct at Lisa - all the shit you say about her face, her lips, her boobs - the underlying judgement you level against her is deeply appalling. All of it is the classic definition of cyber bullying. Before you jump to the defence that Lisa is a 'public figure' and that by putting herself out there she has to expect that people will level their opinions at her let me just say that Lisa, although in the public eye, is not a celebrity. And even if she was a 'celebrity' she does not deserve the mean-spirited, almost gossip like sleaze that you write about her. No one on the BR team deserves it. From your pathetic speculation about Sean's relationship to Jackie to the almost constant criticism of Lisa's body and appearance - this whole blog has devolved into a really petty, nasty place. I'm almost certain that YOU would not appreciate the kind of negative attention that you focus on the people you write about. Why don't you try and focus on something that drives value, helps people or is in some way inspiring. Last point - you are reposting content that you clearly don't own on a commercial website (ads, affiliate links etc) and either Z or BR could slam you with copyright infringement.

  3. Here is just a SMALL sampling of just a FEW posts:Lisa-Marie from the had her breast implants removed!
    And Thank God. They looked so ridiculous!

    I just don't get the manipulation of her face.

    I do NOT get the lips. I just don't. I have a friend who does it too, and I don't get hers either. It always looks like she got punched in the mouth to me. I want to hand her an ice pack.
    It looks puffy under Lisa's eyes here to me too, but maybe it's from working out outside.
    So far I think Lisa is the longest lasting host....... but she is also an owner, and she lives half way across the world for half the year, and she is not married to Freddy, so perhaps that's the secret. LOL.

    Here's my problem with Lisa- she is supposed to be motivating us to eat and right and workout. Yet she had gotten breast surgery 4 times, and a nose job. She has pics on pics of new workout clothes, high heels, and more make up and hair products than you'd find in a CVS. Her eyebrows are tattooed on, she has recommend Latisse to grow your eyelashes, and she clearly has had lip injections.

    There is nothing about Lisa that motivates me to workout or eat right. She seems like a fake to me. All of her remedies are discouraging. I find someone who was that perfect to begin with feels the need to have multiple surgeries, injections, all sorts of ointments, creams, and God knows what else to make herself feel good -disheartening - not motivating.

    So did Lisa get another boob job? Sure looks like it to me. I know she was gone again and they had guest hosts, but I thought it was because she was in Spain. Maybe I missed something?

    1. There are dozens of other examples of this bullying all over this site.

  4. >>>>> You write: I do not think that either BR or Zuzana are role models for little girls, but for us women, they can be in many ways.
    Being a role model comes with great responsibility, and at times, they do not measure up - hence where this blog comes in.

    What kind of ROLE MODEL are you when you BULLY Lisa online????

  5. "Unknown" since you dont wanna come forth with a name or even a nick name, that makes you kinda hard to take seriously
    Gina says a lot of nice things about Lisa - she is pointing out different thinks - as she does for Z too.
    She is not bullying and ALWAYS emphasising that this is HER opinion, we are entitled to have that!
    I get if you feel like it can seem harsh, but she has stated many times that she likes Lisa and that her comments about her plastic surgery are just observations :)

    1. Nice dodge. I support free speech. She has every right to say whatever she thinks - but WHAT she says is very telling. I think that what she says is largely negative as the handful of comments gathered above in just a few minutes demonstrates. Imagine she was saying it about you? If she was posting images of you and then making these types of intensely negative statements? I don't think anyone would appreciate it.

    2. That logic doesnt quite work on me, since i dont give a crap about what people say about my body as long as my boyfriend thinks i look amazeballs - Lisa has even been on this blog and not complained about this issue

    3. Wouldn't it be just dandy if everybody on the internet only said nice things about each other. Get real - anybody who chooses to maintain multiple social media accounts and present their half-naked body to the world must expect commentary, positive or negative. "Haters gonna hate", right? BR's favorite comment when someone's comment on their FB isn't all glow and rave. How do I know? I was immediately banned and blocked after commenting that Lisa's pushups were in incorrect form - but not before Freddy himself gave me a "haters gonna hate" response before deleting mine. Bullying? Takes one to know one.

    4. Karoline - you crack me up! Amazeballs? Lol.

      M - very well articulated!

  6. This was an X, but I dont feel like it was very X'y compared to her usual X's?

  7. This was an X, but I dont feel like it was very X'y compared to her usual X's?

  8. You guys deserve each other.